Incident Reporting

Towards an Inclusive Learning Environment

Multicultural Student Affairs is dedicated to advocating for an inclusive and diverse learning environment. Please take a moment to look at the multitude of resources offered on campus that are available to the entire community.

From the Provost

Northwestern University is deeply committed to student, faculty and staff diversity – diversity of race and ethnicity, of gender and sexual orientation, of religion and geographic origin, of political perspective and economic condition. A diverse community is essential to achieve our mission of creating the best possible learning environment and educational experience, because only by exploring issues with people of different backgrounds and viewpoints can we challenge our assumptions, test our ideas and broaden our understanding of the world.

Excerpt from Diversity Statement by Provost Daniel Linzer, 2009

Reporting Resources

The Dean of Students Office also provides a variety of resources and methods for reporting an incident. Click here to connect to the Respect NU website.