Student Fundraising

Fundraising is a necessary component of almost any group’s activities, SAF funding is meant to supplement money raised by your organization through other efforts. Be creative, plan ahead, and reach your financial goals!


  1. Establish Financial Goals.
  2. Organize a Fundraising Committee.
  3. Brainstorm fundraising activities.
  4. Plan a fundraiser like any other event or project—don’t leave it to the last minute.
  5. Fire Up – get the team organized about the organization and the fundraising campaign.
  6. Follow the Rules – most fundraising events require prior University approval, i.e. bake sales, etc…
  7. Check with your advisor for guidelines and policies.
  8. Check Progress – to gauge the effectiveness of your group’s efforts.
  9. Evaluate – would you do this fundraiser again? What would you do differently? Keep a record for future leaders of the organization.
  10. Do not get involved with get-rich-quick schemes, such as credit card solicitation, cell phone sales, magazine sales, pyramid schemes etc..

Quick Tips: Other Ideas

  • Fashion Luncheon
  • Garage/Rummage Sale
  • Haunted House
  • Pledges
  • Used Book Sale
  • Balloon Bouquet Delivery
  • Bagel & Pretzel Sale
  • Ad Book
  • Sell Buttons, T-Shirts, etc.
  • Coffee & Donut Sale
  • Fast Food/Ice Cream Night (re-ceive portion of sales on given night)
  • Holiday Bazaar
  • Merchant Donations
  • Sponsor 5K Run/Walk
  • Service Auction (time & effort)
  • Balloon Sale
  • Birthday Cake Delivery
  • Alumni Donations
  • Work Day at Alumni/Faculty/Staff Home
  • Concession Sales
  • Finals Care Package
  • Immobile Bike-a-Thon or any “a-thon”
  • Plant/Flower Sale
  • Singing Message
  • Ushers for Events
  • Candy Sale
  • Carnival/Circus
  • Auction
  • See-saw or Rocking Chair Marathon or Competition
  • Dunk Tank

Adapted from the Northwestern University Student Organization Handbook.