Meet the Student Staff for SAW 2012


SAW 2012 Coordinator- Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis, SESP 2012

What do you love most about Northwestern?
The people!

What experience should every Northwestern student have before graduating?
They should make sure to visit the Bahai’ Temple in Evanston.

What is your best advice for academic success at Northwestern?
Manage your time effectively.


SAW 2012 Counselor- Umangi Patel

Umangi Patel, Weinberg 2015

What was your best Northwestern experience?
My best Northwestern experience would have to be staying awake all night with friends at Regenstein to see the sunrise over Lake Michigan as well as football games.

What are your future plans?
I hope to succeed in my pre-med track classes and attend medical school after my four years of undergrad at Northwestern.

SAW 12 Counselor- Zach KisfalusiZachary Kisfalusi, Weinberg 2014

What was your best Northwestern experience?
My best experience at Northwestern was joining my fraternity a little over a year ago. A close second though was being a proud student in the fan section of the upset win in men’s basketball over Michigan State this past January.

What are your future plans?
I want to be a research geologist in my future. Hopefully, I will find a job after I finish my Bachelor’s and then after a few years get my Master’s in a more specific area of geology.

SAW Counselor- Tralon WilliamsTralon Williams, Weinberg 2015

What was your best Northwestern experience?
My best experience at Northwestern so far was traveling to Athens, Ohio with the University speech team to compete in nationals. The combination of seeing things that both changed my life and being with a group of very intelligent, driven people made it an experience I will not soon forget.

What are your future plans?
I don’t have many long term goals at this moment. Some of the short term goals are to remain on the Northwestern Speech team, continue working with WNUR Sports, graduate with a 3.2 GPA and obtain a statistics internship from ESPN Stats and Info or the Elias Sports Bureau.

SAW 12 Counselor- Phyllis DuganPhyllis Dugan, Communications 2014

What was your best Northwestern experience?
One of my best Northwestern experiences was when I participated in SAW. I met some amazing people and had so much fun. SAW was a great way to introduce me to Northwestern, and I do not think my time at Northwestern would be the same without it.

What are your future plans?
After graduation I plan on participating in an education program like Teach for America, after that I want to go to graduate school to get my Ph.D. in Media, Technology and Society. I want to research how media intersect with education and a student’s academic trajectory.

SAW Counselor- Eddie Gaitan

Eduardo (Eddie) Gaitan, Weinberg 2015

What was your best Northwestern experience?
My best Northwestern experience has been the win over Michigan State in Basketball.

What are your future plans?
I hope to work in investment banking or as a political consultant.

Darlene Reyes, Weinberg 2015SAW 12 Counselor- Darlene Reyes

What was your best Northwestern experience?
My best experience at Northwestern thus far has been participating at a student panel for Urban Prep students. I was able to help some of the student who came to visit, recognize that going to a prestigious institution such as Northwestern is possible; all it takes is hard work, dedication and sacrifice. That’s why I’m here.

What are your future plans?
My future career plans include going to law school to become an international lawyer with a focus on human/civil rights. I would like to practice law in Central America and give back to my Latina roots, which lie in El Salvador.


As a freshman I was more nervous than I thought about starting school, so having an early start helped me to get comfortable in my new environment much faster.  Ellie, SESP

What I loved about being a part of the SAW program is that the counselors were examples of students that were able to balance being good students and having personal lives. I want to expose the incoming freshmen to all of the resources available to them at Northwestern to help them be good students and to relieve them of any stress they may have regarding their grades.  Ariel, SoC

There is nothing like learning about the university where you will be spending the next for years with a group of 30 friends instead of 2,000 incoming freshmen. The personal attention that the SAW counselors were able to give me was insurmountable because they grew to undersand who I was as a person within two weeks. I learned a lot about not only Northwestern, but also the Chicagoland area, giving me the courage to travel into the city during my free time.  Lauren, Medill

Through SAW I met my best friends at Northwestern and I was able to gain knowledge about life on campus, classes at Northwestern, and even got to make connections with people from offices all over campus. All of this helped make the transition into Northwestern so much easier.  Maria, SESP

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