SAW Class of 2010

Meet the Student Staff for SAW 2010


Melissa Brown, SESP 2013

SAW 2010 Coordinator: Melissa Brown


Robert Ellis, SESP 2012SAW 2010 Counselor: Robert Ellis

Monique Brown, SESP

headshot of Monique Brown

Henri Pierre-Jacques, WCAS 2013

SAW 2010 Counselor: Henri Pierre-Jacques

Terrance Scotton, WCAS 2013

SAW 2010 Counselor: Terrance Scotton

Shauntelle Brown, SoC 2012

SAW 2010 Counselor: Shauntelle Brown

Ryan Arrendell, Medill 2013

SAW 2010 Counselor: Ryan Arrendell


In SAW I not only received valuable practice and preparation for college-level writing, but also formed amazing friendships that were always reliable. For two weeks, a bunch of soon-to-be freshmen practically owned Northwestern’s gorgeous summertime campus, and took advantage accordingly. Additionally, we had great upperclassmen counselors to answer all those burning questions about college that aren’t in the FAQ section of the admissions website. After SAW ended, freshmen orientation week was much less intimidating.  Elena, SESP

It’s so cool to know where you are going the first day of classes. The friends I made in SAW are still my friends now. The writing workshop helped me to develop my skills, so that I could be ready for NU’s expectations of me as a writer.  Ericka, WCAS

The SAW writing program really helped me prepare for the college writing process. It was a crucial part of my college experience.  Kuan, WCAS

SAW was a perfect way to start out college; the friendships I made during the two weeks ended up being some of my closest, and the connections with upperclassmen and professors really made me feel more confident about the transition. It is a great way to end the summer and start the school year!  Leah, WCAS

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