SAW 2014

Summer Academic Workshop (SAW)

SAW 2012 Group Photo

Prior to Wildcat Welcome (orientation week), MSA and the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education present a two-week program that provides new students with an opportunity to strengthen writing skills across the university curriculum and develop a supportive social network for the next four years. Since 1966, SAW has invited over 1,400 students to campus.

Recent SAW Classes:

Top Ten Reasons to Attend SAW

10. Enhance your existing strengths in academic writing and preview the Northwestern class experience
9. Meet upper-class students who will provide you lots of information and great tips for success
8. Create important connections with knowledgeable faculty, staff, and administrators
7. Learn about a range of campus resources that will help you excel during your college career
6. Meet your academic advisor prior to the start of the school year
5. Experience residence hall living and move into your permanent room earlier than other first-year students
4. Familiarize yourself with the Northwestern campus and Evanston community
3. Visit local attractions, including an architectural boat tour in downtown Chicago
2. Attend your first Northwestern football game
1. Gain friends that you will keep throughout your time at Northwestern

Meet the SAW Co-Directors

For general information about SAW, please contact:Louie Lainez, Director Asian/Asian American Student Affairs

Louie Lainez
Director, Asian/Asian American Student Affairs, Multicultural Student Affairs

For specific information about the academic programs offered during SAW, please contact:

Dr. Charles Yarnoff, Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Writing ProgramDr. Charles Yarnoff
Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Writing Program

Meet the Student Staff Counselors for SAW 2014

Darlene Reyes, 2015

Darlene Reyes

What do you love most about Northwestern?

What I love most about attending Northwestern is the community I have found. It's close-knit, embracing, and always there to be a resource.

What are your future career goals/aspirations?

My aspiration is to one day become an international lawyer focusing on human rights/civil rights in Latin America while using my Spanish and Portuguese skills. Another possibility is to use those language skills to become a translator for the government or the United Nations. Or maybe grad school to focus on languages. The future is what you make of it.

Karley Woods, 2016

Yuri Han, Medill 2015

What do you love most about Northwestern?

What I love most about Northwestern: I love meeting so many people from different places, with different stories and backgrounds. Being here has made me grateful for what I have, but it's also broadened my horizons and made me dream big.

What are your future career goals/aspirations?

My future career goals/aspirations: I hope to work as a rehabilitation or sports engineer.

Linling Navarro, 2015


What do you love most about Northwestern?

The sense of cohesiveness and family within the multicultural community is what I have come to fall in love with at Northwestern. No where have I developed such an identity of who I am, where I came from, and how many people share the same experiences as I until I came to Northwestern. Now that I have found where I feel like I belong, I am able to confidently grow into my identity, as well as use the tools and connections I have made here in order to apply them to furthering myself and my career.

What are your future career goals/aspirations?

My plans after finishing my undergraduate degree are to either stay in Chicago or go back home to LA and pursue a Masters degree in furthering my career in music. Ever since I started singing, I have had the dream to become a singer; that is where my passion and drive lie. Therefore, after I finish my Masters, I will continue to work my way into the music industry and eventually onto the stage as a performer.

Ashley Falcon, 2015

Ashley Falcon

What do you love most about Northwestern?

I really love all of the extraneous opportunities that Northwestern offers to their students so they can dive into their career interest.

What are your future career goals/aspirations?

I hope to do audience research for a big media/entertainment company with a particular interest in digital media interaction.

Liliana Bonilla, 2015


What do you love most about Northwestern?
I love the friendships I've made here. From MSA to H/LSA and beyond, the friends I've made at NU are certainly the type to last a lifetime, with memories from Wildcat Welcome to Dillo Day they're the family I chose for myself here and are people I can count on to always have my back.

What are your future career goals/aspirations?
I want to go into marketing. It's a broad aspiration to state but that's what I like about it. No matter where I end up in life I want to be able to make a positive difference. Somewhere in the non-profit sector would be ideal but for now all I know is I want to be able to use my strategic planning and creativity to make a fulfilling career out of whatever I end up doing.

Amon Paul-Vincent Jones, 2016

What do you love most about Northwestern?
I love that Northwestern offers its students a variety of opportunities both during school and after graduation. At NU we are lucky enough to have the ability to pursue numerous interests and activities that are not available anywhere else. All the different organizations and programs on campus allow students to tailor their college experience however they choose. We are free to explore Northwestern's social, political, professional and athletic groups to foster an experience that is most satisfying for us. The fact that our school is minutes away from downtown Chicago adds to our limitless possibilities as well. I'm also excited that when we graduate Northwestern may continue to provide different outlets and contacts for us so that we may succeed in our future endeavors.

What are your future career goals/aspirations?
Looking forward, I plan to establish career positions in advertising and communications using the skills I have developed in broadcast journalism and marketing. I would initially like to work in networking sales for a media corporation in a major U.S. market. I'm also interested in attending law school to prepare for a career working as an intellectual property or civil litigation attorney.

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