Award & Recipients

LGBT Resource Center Heritage Award

This prestigious award  recognizes a student's extraordinary service and outstanding leadership in helping to build the LGBTQ communities and promote queer and trans issues and awareness at Northwestern University and the greater community. This legendary leader has dedicated their time to serve in the campus to ensure that it continues to be welcome students of varying backgrounds.


2014 Kayleigh Madjar

2013 Rohan Zhou-Lee

Social Justice and Activism Award

This award is given to a student who is not only active in the queer and trans community but has emerged as a leader and activist for issues of multiple movements. In a time where many communities face intolerance and are denied rights, collaboration and building multi-issue movements is invaluable to the queer and trans community. This award acknowledges someone who works to build power for social justice on multiple fronts.


2014 Jasmine "Jazz" Stephens

2014 Joseph Halverson

Creative Arts Award

This award honors the great work of a student who has the vision to bridge activism with the arts (performance, visual, creative, etc.), which has a long history of powerful influence in the queer community and our movement. Artists are visionaries who create the cultural icons by which communities and movements are remembered. This award acknowledges someone who works to shape an affirming and inclusive environment for the queer and trans communities.   


2014 Kareem Khubchandani

The Purple Pride Award

This award recognizes a faculty, staff, or alumni member who uses their position as a member of the Northwestern University community to provide an extraordinary level of support to queer and trans students. Faculty, staff, and alumni play vital roles in creating affirming and inclusive environments for students. This award acknowledges someone who works to create an affirming and inclusive Northwestern University community for the queer and trans communities.   


2014 Ian Horswill, Ph.D.

2013 Eva Ball