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MSA Grant Funding

Multicultural Student Affairs provides opportunities for individuals and MSA-recognized student groups to apply for grant funding for initiatives and programming that fall within three specific areas.
The maximum grant allotment for each award is $250.

Community Building
Purpose: The Community Building Grant is designed to promote community, collaboration, and partnerships campus-wide. Partnerships and collaborations can include student to faculty/staff engagement activities, cross-cultural initiatives, student group co-sponsorships, and most other programming that supports positive growth and relationships across campus communities.
Eligibility: MSA recognized student groups and individual student applicants.

Student Development
Purpose: The Student Development Grant is a funding supplement created to assist student groups with programs, trainings, and workshops related to skill building and group dynamics. The purpose of the request has to primarily benefit the student group members, however the group can incite non-members to the event.
Eligibility: MSA recognized student groups. Funds can be used to pay for external presenters and materials only.

Conference AttendanceStudents speaking with one another at professional development program.
Purpose: MSA offers a Conference Attendance Grant to support professional development for students, specifically conference attendance. Please not this grant is not intended to cover all expenses related with a conference.
Eligibility: MSA recognized student groups and individual student applicants.

Requirements: In order to be considered, each student group or individual applicant must complete and submit an MSA Grant Funding Application and a Budget Form by the designated due date. An Evaluation Form must be completed and submitted within two weeks of the conclusion of the program, event, or initiative for which funding was obtained. For more requirements and guidelines, please view the MSA Grant Funding Application. All forms may be found below.

Download: MSA Grant Funding Application (doc) | MSA Funding Budget Form (doc) | MSA Grant Evaluation Form (doc)

Colleen Keefe, MSA, 847-467-6200

Academic Grant
Purpose: The Academic Grant is a funding supplement created to assist students with financing academic facilitation and tutoring throughout the academic year. The grant is specified for primarily the introductory courses within the following subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Statistics, Calculus, and Economics.
Eligibility: Northwestern University undergraduate student demonstrating financial need.

Download: Academic Grant Application (pdf) 

Multicultural Student Affairs

Departmental Funding

In addition to MSA, African American Student Affairs (AASA), Asian/Asian American Student Affairs (A/AASA), and Hispanic/Latino Student Affairs (H/LSA) also offer funding to recognized student groups. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year. You are responsible for reading the overview and being aware of all terms.

Download: Overview (doc) | Application (doc)

AASA Contact:
Charles Kellom, AASA, 847-491-3610

A/AASA Contact:
Louie Lainez, A/AASA, 847-467-7583

H/LSA Contact:
Alejandro Magana, H/LSA, 847-467-7337

NUnite Grants

The NUnite grant is a diversity initiative offered by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI). The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for student groups on campus to go beyond their comfort zones and create an educational, entertaining, and/or artistic event in collaboration with another group on campus from start to finish.

Tracey Gibson-Jackson, CSI, 847-491-2350

Be the Change Grants

Sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI), Be the Change grants were designed to encourage students to re-imagine Northwestern through campus beautification projects, community building, and creativity. Funding is awarded based on how well a proposal demonstrates the ability to improve the Northwestern experience in exciting and innovative ways. Projects may include, but are not limited to, physical changes to campus, educating and engaging the community, celebrating a cause, planting of greenery or other vegetation, landscaping, enhancing lights, painting a mural, throwing a benefit event, etc.

Tracey Gibson-Jackson, CSI, 847-491-2350

Performing Arts Grant

The “Dorothy R. Brooks Morgan Performing Arts Memorial Grant” offered by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) honors Dorothy’s legacy and love of Northwestern’s student theatre and performing arts groups. This grant provides additional monetary support to one student theatre or performing arts group.

Tracey Gibson-Jackson, CSI, 847-491-2350


The Northwestern Annual Fund (NAF) organizes a fundraiser which allows student groups to benefit from the generosity of Northwestern alumni. Student groups can write thank you letters to the donors as a fundraiser. The money collected through the NAF is allocated toward areas that improve students’ experiences at Northwestern.

Alexandra Delis, Alumni Relations & Development, 847-491-7222

NAA Funding

The Northwestern Alumni Association (NAA) funds student groups that offer programming initiatives aligned with the NAA’s mission and goals. Priority is given to groups or programs that are specifically focused on alumni outreach.

Heather Nystedt, NAA, 847-491-7200

Kellogg Research Studies

Participate in research studies by faculty in the Kellogg School of Management.

A non-Northwestern fundraising resource that partners student groups with large companies to provide advertising for the company and funding for the student group.

A unique Northwestern fundraising resource where individuals and groups can fundraise for their favorite non-profit or group by performing individual or group challenges.