List of Recognized Campus Partners

Faculty & Staff Recognition Candy jars presented to recognized campus partners

Academic Affairs

  • Gregory Cera (Academic Advising)
  • Mary Finn (Associate Dean)


  • Pat Fitzgerald (Head Coach, Football)

Bienen School of Music

  • Linda Garton (Music Administration)

Center for Civic Engagement

  • Robert Donahue (Associate Director)

Center for Leadership

  • Adam Goodman (Director)
  • Todd Murphy (Associate Director)

Central Administration

  • TBD

Division of Student Affairs

  • Devin Moss (LGBTQ Center)
  • Tracey Gibson-Jackson (CSI)
  • Tahera Ahmad (Muslim Chaplain)
  • Todd Adams (Office of Dean of Students)
  • Burgwell Howard
  • Kartje John (Chaplain)
  • Jacquelina Marquez (Associate Chaplain)
  • Julie Mitchell Windsor (Christian Ministry)
  • Christina Siders (UCS)
  • Laura Anne Stuart (Health Service)

McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science

  • Allen Taflove (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Peter Dinda (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Robby Findler (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science)
  • Aaron Packman (Civil & Environmental Engineering)
  • Kathleen Stair (Material Sciences & Engineering)
  • Ellen Worsdall (McCormick Student Affairs)

Medill School of Journalism

  • Dorina Aguilar Rassmussen (Student Life/Journalism Administration)
  • Jack Doppelt (Editorial Journalism)
  • Alec Klein (Editorial Journalism)
  • David Nelson (Editorial Journalism)
  • Patti Wolter (Clinical Journalism Editorial)

Office of the Provost

  • Ron Braeutigam (Associate Provost)

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

  • Christopher Watson (Dean)

School of Education and Social Policy

  • Jeannette Colyvas (Learning Sciences/HDSP)
  • Susan Johnston Olson (SESP Student Affairs)
  • Megan Redfearn (Student Programs)

Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences

  • Henry Binford (History)
  • Sheila Donahue (English)
  • Gabriel Drummond-Cole (Mathematics)
  • Renee Engeln-Maddox (Psychology)
  • Benjamin Gorvine (Psychology)
  • Luke Gutzwiller (Mathematics)
  • Susan Hall (History)
  • Thomas Haskell-Simpson (French & Italian)
  • Michael Kramer (WCAS Administration)
  • Dominique Licops (French & Italian)
  • Evan Mwangi (English)
  • Frederick Northrup (Chemistry)
  • Robin Nusslock (Psychology)
  • Ann Orloff (Sociology)
  • Laura Panko (WCAS Administration)
  • Marie-Therese Pent (French & Italian)
  • Christine Percheski (Sociology)
  • Michael Rakowitz (Art Theory & Practice)
  • Christiane Rey (French & Italian)
  • Jeff Rice (WCAS Administration)
  • Andrew Rivers (WCAS Administration)
  • Hsiu-Ling Robertson (African & Asian Languages)
  • Karl Rosengren (Psychology)
  • Noelle Samia (Statistics)
  • Bill Savage (WCAS Administration)
  • Mark Sheldon (WCAS Administration)
  • Julia Stern (English)
  • Glenn Sucich (WCAS Administration)
  • Elizabeth Trubey (WCAS Administration)
  • Suzan Van Der Lee (Earth & Planetary Sciences)
  • Celeste Watkins-Hayes (African American Studies)
  • Richard Weimer (WCAS Administration)
  • Mark Witte (Economics)
  • Ellen Wright (Writing Program)