About MSA


On behalf of the Multicultural Student Affairs staff, we would like to welcome you to our site! We are fortunate to have many people invested in MSA and appreciate the support we continue to receive from faculty, staff, alumni, and students. Our staff is a small, yet dedicated group and we consistently strive for excellence. We value our role within the Northwestern community and seek to enrich students’ collegiate experience. We hope that you will visit us at our spaces, utilize our meeting rooms, and attend the events that we sponsor as well as those sponsored by our student groups.

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Mission of Multicultural Student Affairs

Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) enriches the cultural experience of Northwestern through leadership and education programming, providing opportunities for community engagement and identity expression, and assisting students in navigating the University experience.

MSA Programmatic Learning Outcomes

Students who participate in MSA's programs and activities will (or will be able to):

  • Explore their indentities and how they contribute to personal success (Personal Development).

  • Utilize resources to help navigate the communities and institutions in which they participate (Interpersonal Competence and Social Responsibility).

  • Analyze cultural differences to create a more socially just campus community through empathy and understanding (Social Responsibility).

Our Advising Philosophy

Multicultural Student Affairs advises from a developmental perspective that focuses on the individual needs of each student.  An advising relationship is established with an emphasis on helping students identify and accomplish life goals. We believe that by assisting students holistically, we take into account students intersecting identities and life experiences to aid in providing a positive learning experience at Northwestern University.