Resident Assistant

Group of RAs

We are not currently hiring for this position. If any mid-year hires are needed, an announcement will be posted here.

Overview of Position

Each Resident Assistant plays an essential role in the success of Northwestern's residential communities. RAs are responsible for getting to know their residents and helping all residents get to know one another. RAs provide caring support and encouragement, as well as programs and services to engage and educate residents. RAs must be friendly, mature, responsible and articulate. It is also important for RAs to exhibit a positive attitude and sound personal integrity in order to serve as positive role models. In addition to their roles with residents, RAs must be comfortable interacting with University officials, faculty, parents and guests.

Formal Description

Three areas of responsibility for RAs:

  • Community Development: Plans inclusive social and educational activities, supports and/or advises hall government officers. Relevant experience: community organizing, events planning, effective communication, mediation and negotiation.
  • Resident Education: Ensures residents are aware of and using University resources and are informed of University policies and procedures. Encourages social responsibility and healthy living. Relevant experience: demonstrated ability to be sensitive to others, persuasive, resourceful, engaging, self-motivated, and able to work well in teams. Commitment to social justice.
  • Safety and Security: Responds to emergency situations and confronts and refers violations of University policy. Relevant experience: demonstrated ability to make sound decisions, confront peers, solve problems, act impartially, maintain composure under pressure and respect confidentiality.

Supervision Received

The RA reports directly to an Residence Director and indirectly to the Assistant Director of Residential Services.


Compensation includes room, board, and voice mail.

Application Process

We are not currently hiring for this position. If any mid-year hires are needed, an application will be posted here.