Mail Forwarding

Undergraduates are encouraged to specify a forwarding address for summer mailing or mail forwarding after move out. This address is used to forward mail after students move out of their residence hall. If students do not update their forwarding address, mail will be forwarded to the permanent, primary address on file in CAESAR. If you need to change your permanent, primary address in CAESAR, please refer to the section called "University Addresses" at the bottom of the page.

Mail Forwarding

During the academic year, mail addressed to former residents is forwarded to their forwarding address listed in RMS. If no forwarding address is listed, mail is forwarded to their permanent address listed in CAESAR. Please note, this only applies to First-Class mail and does not include any items listed in the Restrictions section below.

After students move out, all First-Class mail received by July 5, 2013 will be forwarded following the procedure listed above.  After July 5 Residential Services will return all First class mail to sender until regular mail operations resume September 16, 2013.

Restrictions on Forwarding Mail

First-Class mail can be forwarded to an international address. However, it will likely arrive with postage due.

Please note that regardless of the address we have on file, many items cannot be forwarded. Please change your address directly with the sender to ensure that they have a correct mailing address. Any of these items received after you check out of your room will be recycled or discarded:

  • Bulk mail
  • Third-class mail
  • Not-for-profit mail
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Catalogs

Also, please note that once you check out, packages addressed to you that are sent through any carrier other than USPS will either be returned to the sender or refused. Packages sent through USPS will be forwarded provided you have given us a forwarding address.

Providing Your Forwarding Address

To provide a forwarding address (or to update an old one):

  1. Log in to RMS (you will be asked to enter your netID and password)
  2. Click on "Profile"
  3. Click on "Update Forwarding Address"
  4. Enter the data requested

You will get a confirmation e-mail once the information has been submitted.

Update Your Mailing Address with Third Parties

In addition to updating your forwarding address with the University, please remember to update your mailing address with third parties such as banks and magazine providers. To update your mailing address for magazines, visit Magazine Subscriber Services, find the magazine in question and follow the address change procedure. To update your mailing address with your bank, please follow the directions on your bank's website. 

University Address

Please know that this process updates your information for the purposes of forwarding mail only. If this is a new local or permanent address for you, then you should change your address in CAESAR to ensure that you continue to get all official university communication.