1835 Hinman

1835 Hinman single room

1835 Hinman single room

1835 Hinman double room

1835 Hinman double room

Two students studying in a lounge

1835 Hinman dining hall

Students watching TV in a lounge

Located on the south side of campus just a few blocks from downtown Evanston, 1835 Hinman features its own dining hall and convenience store right inside the building. It houses 231 students in single and double rooms that are open suite-style. Men and women live in suites clustered by gender. 1835 Hinman is home to Interfaith Hall and substance-free housing, both located on the fifth floor.


  • 216 students

Available to:

  • All undergraduate students


  • Dining hall and convenience store in building
  • TV lounge
  • Recreation room
  • Study room
  • Kitchenettes

Mailing address:

Room #
1835 Hinman Ave
Evanston, IL 60201-3811