Women’s Residential College (Hobart House)

Jim O'Laughlin, Faculty Chair

Jim O'Laughlin, Faculty Chair

Tahera Ahmad, Associate Chair

Tahera Ahmad, Associate Chair

Moira Kyweluk, Assistant Chair

Moira Kyweluk, Assistant Chair

This page contains programmatic information about the Women's Residential College. You can access building information on the Women's Residential College facilities page.

College Website

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College Staff

  • Faculty Chair: Jim O'Laughlin, Writing Program
  • Associate Chair: Tahera Ahmad, University Chaplain Office
  • Assistant Chair: Moira Kyweluk, Anthropology

Faculty Chair's Welcome

Welcome to Hobart Women’s Residential College!

We are the only single-sex RC on campus, and yet one of the most diverse: Hobartians come from an amazing diversity of nations, religions, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, political views, talents, and majors. And, just to be clear: guy friends are always welcome to come visit!

This is because Hobart is all about working hard and playing hard. We have two lounges, two study rooms and a computer room that fill up when we hit midterms and finals weeks—but our two state of the art kitchens and our workout room also stay busy as residents first create and consume calories (we have two pretty awesome bakers in residence right now) and then burn them off (or want to go for a swim? Take a yoga class? There are always folks heading out for other kinds of exercise too). Of course, our two enormous flat-screen tvs also come in handy for group activities, whether it’s Pixar Appreciation Week or simply the weekly South Korean soap opera night!

We may all be very different from one another but we share the spirit of accepting you for who you are rather than who society thinks you should be. This means we’re always talking with one another, comparing notes on the different and sometimes shared roads we’ve taken to Northwestern –and our huge range of majors and minors, from Engineering to Physics to Theater to Journalism, means you can always find somebody to help you with those distribution courses outside of your major that you have to take to graduate!

Hobart is great fun but also great preparation for your next few steps after graduation or a full-blown professional career. At Hobart you don’t have to go online or to the library to learn about feminism in Islam, Black politics in New York, or NGOs in India—you can actually talk to Hobartians who come from these communities and are just as interested to learn about you.

As a residential college, we also help you acclimate to the campus, Evanston, Chicago and beyond with optional quarterly excursions—sometimes it’s to a Bulls game, or a musical, or heading out to Chinatown to celebrate the Chinese New Year. …And sometimes the program comes right to your door (or almost), as we host “fireside chats” in our lounge with faculty from Northwestern, activists from Chicago, artists from Evanston…well you name it. Sometimes the fireside is simply someone sharing their latest research, other times it’s a laid back pizza making session.

We also have our own dining room, and you’re always welcome to stop by during Fellows Lunches, when faculty affiliated with Hobart (don’t worry, they don’t live there!) come for some food and conversation. I think our last conversation started out with comparing favorite desserts and finished up comparing the politics of race and gender in U.S. and Kenyan high schools.

As you can imagine, joining Hobart does mean participating in some events, but you choose what you want to do so you can focus on your life outside of Hobart as well. When you come to Northwestern, no surprise, you’re expected to work hard at your studies; we’re just here to make sure you don’t have to go it alone—whether at work or at play!

Women’s Residential College Fellows and Graduate Associates

Name Position Department
Stephanie Brehm Program Coordinator Graduate School Administration
Jeanine Casler Lecturer Writing Program
Nancy Cunniff Director One Book One Northwestern 
Jillana Enteen Associate Professor of Instruction Gender and Sexuality Studies Program
Mary Finn Associate Dean Undergrad Academic Affairs WCAS Administration
Marcia Gealy Associate Professor of Instruction Writing Program
Jeanne Herrick Senior Lecturer Writing Program
Penny Hirsch Professor of Instruction Writing Program
Njoki Kamau Associate Director Women’s Center
Ann Marshall Associate Director for Undergraduate Academic Affairs WCAS Administration
Lynn Meissner Graduate Associate
Caitlin Monroe Graduate Associate History
Fran Paden Distinguished Senior Lecturer Emeritus Writing Program
William Paden Professor Emeritus French & Italian
Laura Panko Assistant Professor of Instruction Biological Science
Monica Russel y Rodriguez Associate Dean WCAS Administration
Mark Sheldon Assistant Dean WCAS Admin
Billy Siegenfeld Professor Dance
Constance Wright Assistant Dean Academic Standing WCAS Administration
Charles Yarnoff Associate Professor of Instruction Writing Program