Construction and Renovation Projects

Summer 2016

This summer, Residential Services has a number of construction and renovation projects planned to help make the on-campus experience even better. Here is a list of some of these projects:

  • Removal of existing wallpaper from the corridor walls (Allison)
  • Stairwell flooring replacement (Ayers & Kemper)
  • Flooring replacement/updates (Slivka, 710 Emerson, & 2347 Sheridan)
  • Installation of new fire alarm (710 Emerson)
  • Shower and toilet valve replacement (Engelhart)
  • Sleeping room light fixture replacement (Elder)

Housing Master Plan

In addition to the above projects, Residential Services is also in the midst of a 10 year housing master plan that includes larger renovation and new construction projects. For more information about the housing master plan, visit the Housing Master Plan page.