Special Consideration

Learning—and practicing—to live, work, and spend time with others is an essential component of the Northwestern University learning experience. There is no better place to do this than in our residence halls.

A variety of medical illnesses, disabilities and psychological conditions may necessitate special consideration in the housing assignment process or a release from the housing contract or meal plan. A few examples of disability-related considerations in residence halls or rooms are the following:

  • An air-conditioned residence hall
  • A residence hall with an elevator and
  • A residence hall with an accessible washroom
  • A single room

Every effort is made to accommodate students’ special needs within our housing system and food service plan using the alternatives available. Keep in mind that the University meal plan contract does not permit releases based on religious dictates, personal food choice or preferences (e.g., vegetarianism), or other non-medically-based, dietary requirements.

Students wishing to request special consideration for both housing and food service may visit the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities website.