Residential Academic Initiatives

Group of people talkingOur residential communities, residential colleges, and Faculty-in-Residence program provide students with an enhanced residential experience by offering opportunities for personal development and growth outside of the classroom. These programs:

  • promote interaction with faculty outside of the traditional learning environment;
  • strengthen the residents' sense of community and connection to Northwestern;
  • and enrich the intellectual, cultural, and social lives of the residents by assisting them in developing lifelong habits of learning and responsibility.

Residential Colleges

We have eleven residential colleges here at Northwestern University that range in size from three dozen to 300 students and in focus from science, business, and the arts to more inclusive “multi-thematic” colleges. Each college is headed by a faculty member who serves as the Faculty Master. Masters and student officers recruit faculty members for the Fellow program, which supports faculty presence through firesides, meals, and excursions. In addition, Fellows routinely lead tutorials (small credit-bearing seminars reserved for college members) and mentor residents as research assistants through a specially funded program.

To apply to live in a residential college, students must refer to the appropriate sections of the Housing Application. The thematic colleges welcome interested students regardless of their majors.

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Residential Communities 

We have two residential communities on campus, located at Allison Hall and Elder Hall. These communities focus on student engagement, student-driven programming, and live-in faculty involvement while providing students with a comfortable place to live, learn, and grow. Students are welcome to live in a residential community, regardless of their major.

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Faculty-in-Residence Program

We currently have two Faculty-in-Residence (FIR) members living on campus within our residential communities at Allison and Elder. These faculty members interact with students outside of the classroom in meaningful and enriching ways. They offer guidance, help students access resources, and build community by hosting gatherings that promote learning, interaction, and participation within their community.