2012 Undergraduate International Student Orientation

Get ready to meet other international students from your home country and from around the world during the 2012 Undergraduate International Student Orientation (ISO) - September 15 through 19. 

Leading up to Wildcat Welcome (new student orientation for all incoming freshman) the International Office (IO) and the International Student Association (ISA) is excited to offer a fun-filled and informative four-day program specifically designed by our current international student International Peer Advisors for incoming international freshman students. 

All new international students, transfer students, exchange students and American passport holders who grew up overseas are invited to attend.  Settle into life at Northwestern early, meet your fellow classmates of 2016 and make new friends that will last you a lifetime!

International Peer Advisor
Four-Day Program

On-Campus Housing & Move-in Permits
Check-In & ISO Schedule
ISO Blog
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International Peer Advisor

Over the summer, you will be assigned to a sub-group consisting of other incoming international freshman and two International Peer Advisors (IPA). The IPA’s are current international students who have volunteered their time and energy to help plan ISO and get to know you! You will hear from them over the summer, and get to know them even better during ISO and throughout the school year.

Four-Day Program

The IO, in collaboration with the International Student Association (ISA), has planned an exciting orientation and welcome program, designed to facilitate and enhance the academic and cultural adjustments incoming undergraduate international students face. These activities tentatively include: 

  • Downtown Evanston and campus tours
  • Trip to downtown Chicago
  • NU Home Soccer Game
  • Amazing NU Race scavenger hunt around campus
  • Bonfire and S'mores on the lakefill
  • Painting the Rock (a NU specific tradition!)
  • Visit to the Evanston beach
  • Shopping trips for last minute things you couldn't fit in your suitcase
  • Panel session on student life at NU

At the conclusion of the Undergraduate ISO on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 19, students will proceed to Wildcat Welcome; Northwestern's all new-student orientation program.

On-Campus Housing & MOVE-IN permits

Participating students will be housed on-campus starting Saturday, September 15th in your permanent housing assignments. Participating students will be provided select meals in the dining halls.

As international students arriving early and moving into your permanent rooms on-campus, you will not need to request a "move-in permit." However, in order to indicate as much, you will need to log into the move-in permit system and indicate that you do not require a move-in permit. If you do not do this, you will continue to receive emails about requesting a move-in permit, which you do not require as an international student attending ISO2012.

**Staying in the residence halls during ISO is MANDATORY. If you have questions about this policy,  please contact Coryn Shiflet at c-shiflet@northwestern.edu. **

Check-In and ISO Schedule

Check-In for ISO and Immigration Check-In will take place on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 10am. Please make every effort to arrive by 6pm.  If you will arrive after 6pm on 09/15, please head directly to your assigned residence hall. 

Foster-Walker Complex (PLEX) lobby
650 Foster St
Evanston, IL 60208
Click here for map.

NOTE: If you would like to attend ISO but cannot arrive on Saturday, September 15th you are still welcome to participate! Please sign up for orientation (see form below) and indicate what date you will be arriving to campus.

ISO Blog

Check out the ISO Blog created by International Peer Advisors! 

Intended for the amazing international freshman coming to NU in the fall, this blog will be maintained by the International Peer Advisors of Northwestern University over the summer. Here you will find tips on packing, adjusting to life at NU, highlights of living in Chicago and America, and much more information all gathered and written by a bunch of diverse students who want nothing else but to help YOU, the Class of 2016, get ready to attend Northwestern. Comment away with any questions that you may have, and each week different IPAs will get onto this blog and help answer everything. We can't wait to meet you!

Sign Up for the 2012 ISO

Information for Parents/Families

International Parent & Family Orientation information here.

IMMIGRATIon Information

If you missed our orientation and are in either F-1 or J-1 status, please review our immigration presentation here.