Change in USCIS Fee Structure
H-1B Prevailing Wage Determination Delays

Visa Processing Fees

Immigration Tracker
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Change in USCIS Fee Structure

  • Premium Process Fee: $1,225 (optional for expedited H1B cases)
  • H-4 Dependent Application (I-539): $290
  • J-2 Employment Authorization (I-765): $380

H-1B Prevailing Wage Determination Delays

Please note that as of January 1, 2010, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently instituted new filing procedures for prevailing wage determinations (PWD) and labor condition applications (LCA).  These two procedures are a significant part of the H-1B application International Office (IO) process with the PWD taking up to 60 days and the LCA process taking another 17-20 days.  

Due to these new procedures the IO now requires at least 3 months to process an H-1B application from the point of receiving a complete application from your department until we are able to mail the application to USCIS.  From that point, it will take USCIS approximately
3 weeks to issue a receipt notice and approximately 2-3 months for an approval notice, making the total H-1B processing time 5-6 months.

Visa Processing Fees

For more information on Visa Types, Processing Times and Fees please see our Table.

Immigration Tracker

Immigration Tracker (Tracker) is a software database allows departments and H-1B/E-3 beneficiaries to track and submit H-1B/E-3 visa applications. With this system, departments are able to view each of their beneficiaries' H-1B/E-3 records, submit the department request form and track the process of an H-1B/E-3 application.


  • IO sends department contact login information and Immigration Tracker portal web address
  • Department completes the appropriate intake form via Immigration Tracker
  • IO reviews and accepts intake form via Immigration Tracker
  • IO sends beneficiary his/her login information
  • H-1B/E-3 beneficiary completes U.S. Visa Main Questionnaire
  • Department complies documents on the appropriate checklist and submits them to the IO
  • IO reviews documents, intake form and questionnaire and starts H-1B/E-3 process
  • IO will update beneficiary's Immigration Tracker record as process is completed

IO Listservs

IO listservs are used to disseminate information quickly and efficiently. To receive these messages, subscribe to the list of your choosing.

Current Scholar Listservs:

INTSCHOLAR: Information for J-1 and H-1B scholars, faculty and staff.
DEPARTMENTS: Information for departmental faculty and staff.
INTFAMILY: Information for spouses and family members of international students/scholars.

Note: When subscribing, you must choose from the above list and insert the listname as instructed below.

To subscribe, send an email to:

Leave the subject blank. In the body of the message, write: subscribe listname firstname lastname.