Sports & Recreation

NU Sports outings

Catch the Northwestern Wildcats in action!  Join the IO for trips to Wildcats games--football, basketball, lacrosse and more sports!  Football game 2015

Super Bowl workshop

What is American football, and why is the Super Bowl so important?  Learn the rules to the game, the history of the Super Bowl and how to celebrate on Super Bowl Sunday!  Don’t miss this annual favorite!

Bulls/Cubs outings

Chicago has so many fantastic professional sports teams!  Join fellow students, scholars and families to watch the Chicago Cubs (baseball) or Chicago Bulls (basketball) play at home.  Watch the IO newsletter for ticket announcements. 

ARTica workshops

Did you know we have an art studio on campus?  Join the IO for an evening of art, creativity and relaxation.  Previously, we’ve decorated pumpkins, built our own piñatas and painted masterpieces.  What will we create next? Photos & more photos

Ice skating outings

We also have an ice rink on campus (and many more in Chicago)!  No experience?  No problem!  Enjoy winter and send funny skating photos home.  2015 photos in Evanston & Chicago

Outlet mall trips

“Shop ‘til you drop” at a local outlet mall, and score big discounts on designer clothing, winter gear and home goods.  The IO provides a coach bus to take you to and from campus.