Graduate ISO Sidekicks

Sidekick[sahyd-kik] (noun) a close friend or assistant who accompanies him/her on adventures

Some famous sidekicks:

  • Robin (Batman's sidekick)
  • Ron and Hermione (Harry Potter's sidekicks)
  • Woodstock (Snoopy's sidekick)
  • Joe Biden (President Barack Obama's sidekick)

Graduate ISO Sidekicks

The IO seeks current international graduate students to volunteer as Sidekicks (similar to International Peer Advisors for undergraduates) for Spring-Fall 2013.   Sidekicks will answer questions submitted by newly admitted NU students during the spring and summer, and will assist the IO with planning Graduate International Student Orientation (G-ISO) 2013.   

Share your NU knowledge, help new students and gain valuable resume experience!


  • Attend training meeting the week of April 22, 2013
  • Submit online profile information by May 1, 2013
  • Respond to admitted student questions via email during spring/summer 2013
  • Respond to IO emails about  G-ISO over the summer
  • Create a video for the IO website about your favorite place at NU or in Evanston/Chicago
  • Serve on student panel at G-ISO; assist with other sessions as needed
  • Participate in feedback meeting after G-ISO

Selection Criteria

  • Current graduate student (will be registered for Spring and Fall Quarter 2013)
  • Good academic standing
  • Understanding of needs of prospective and new international students
  • Familiar with opportunities and resources available to  Northwestern students
  • Positive and enthusiastic outlook about Northwestern
  • Strong communication skills
  • Reliable and responsible

Application Process

Application here.  All applications must be emailed to by April 18, 2013. Applications will be reviewed by committee and selected applicants will be notified by April 19, 2013.