Black House Feasibility Study

In case you missed the in-person meetings: Your involvement in the conversations about the Black House is appreciated. Please use this form to share your vision for the Black House with the Black House Feasibility Study and the architects from Moody-Nolan. This consensus-building Feasibility Study process continues this December.

Black House Feasibility Study Defined

A Feasibility Study for the Black House seeks to answer the question of whether architectural improvements are possible. Questions asked and answered in a Feasibility Study address the physical and financial conditions in and around the project, involve the campus community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni, and most importantly, develop a consensus for the vision of what the Black House could be while respecting its historical significance to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the Evanston community. For this process, a Feasibility Study is the step to understand how and to what extent the Black House facility can be renovated.

Note of Gratitude

A note of gratitude is in order to thank those who have come before us to advocate for the Black and African American student experience on Northwestern’s campus. Only through acknowledging and embracing our history can we understand what might be possible for our future with the Black House.

It is with this in mind that we situate these efforts to renovate the Black House in the listening that has come before this process. Situate these efforts in dialogue that has ensued. Situate these efforts in the national and historical contexts that inform the needs for the Black and African American students to be successful at Northwestern, and to contribute to the strength of the alumni network.