InclusionNU Fund

The InclusionNU Funding Board is dedicated to assist NU registered student organizations in funding programs and initiatives that align with the mission of Campus Inclusion and Community, of “cultivating learning environments through the intentional engagement of difference across and within various identities.”

Access Funding Application
  1. Fill out the funding application using the online InclusionNU Fund Application.
  2. Attach relevant documents (quotes, invoices, agreements, etc.).
  3. If your proposal is accepted, add the CIC logo to any advertisements you make, fill out the post-assessment form, submit attendee evaluation forms, and return any unused funds.
Submission Deadlines

Applications are due at 11:59PM on the following dates:

  • Fall 2016: October 2, October 23, November 13
  • Winter 2017: January 15, February 5, February 26
  • Spring 2017: April 9, April 30, May 21*

*Note: The May 21 deadline is for events through the end of the year and start of the following academic year during September and October (example: student group events for Wildcat Welcome).


Funding requests must meet at least 1 of the following 3 goals/requirements:

  • Promotes Dialogue and Identity Expression: Designed to promote dialogue, identity expression and identity exploration which creates a more welcoming and inclusive campus.
  • Promotes Leadership Development, Cultural Competency Education and Social Justice Training: Designed to promote social justice education and trainings, cultural education, professional networking, employment seeking skills, event planning, team management, critical thinking, and/or problem solving.
  • Fosters Community Engagement and Advocacy: Designed to promote community, collaboration, and partnerships campus-wide. Partnerships and collaborations can include student to alumni/faculty engagement activities, cross-cultural initiatives, student group co-sponsorships, and programming that supports positive growth and relationships across communities of difference.
Funding Availability

Student groups are allowed to apply for up to $750 during the academic year. Groups can choose to apply for one or multiple events during the academic year but cannot exceed the $750 cap per year. Funds will only go to groups’ SOFO account. Groups should provide research demonstrating the cost of the event in the proposal.

Proposal Prioritizations

The InclusionNU Funding Board will prioritize proposals that:

  • Clearly articulate alignment with CIC’s mission.
  • Are sponsored by (in order of highest priority): non-ASG recognized groups, T-status groups, B-status groups; • Are for events that do not qualify for funding from ASG.
  • Are co-sponsored by multiple student groups.
  • Provide free admission to NU community.
  • List one or more additional sources of funding.
  • Have listed or will list the event/program on Wildcat Connection.
  • Are located on campus and in accessible locations.
What the InclusionNU Fund Covers and Does Not Cover

The InclusionNU Fund covers:

  • Honorariums for speakers, performers, artists, etc.
  • On-campus event/program supplies (food, equipment rental, printing, etc.).
  • Travel/transportation (only if booked through NU motor pool, travel office, or similar office).
  • Community retreats or lock-ins in which participation is only open to NU students.

The InclusionNU Fund does not cover:

  • Individuals (If you have requests for individual support, please contact Student Enrichment Services).
  • Events where alcohol is available or allowed.
  • Reimbursements for funds spent prior to grant award.
  • Student tuition, books, fees, etc.
  • Late fees for rushing voucher checks from SOFO.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Events/programs that conflict with another CIC event/program that may split audiences.
Post-Event Assessment & Excess Funds

Groups receiving funding must submit a post-event assessment/report within two weeks of the event/program. Post-event assessment includes: a summary form, copies of all receipts, and CIC event participant evaluations.

Excess funds must also be returned to CIC within two weeks of the event/program. Returning excess funds will not negatively impact future funding. However, failure to submit post-event assessment and/or excess funds will result in loss of funding eligibility for two academic quarters.

Appeals Process

Applicants may only appeal a decision made by the InclusionNU Funding Board if their proposal was not approved. An appeal letter must address in detail at least one of the following three grounds for appeal:

  • The applicant believes the decision is based on erroneous assumptions or bias against the group or its event/program.
  • The event/grant in question is clearly consistent with the mission, priorities, and policies of CIC.
  • Significant changes in the status of the student group or the event that affect the original application.

An appeal letter must address at least one of the be submitted to the CIC Staff Advisor within 48 hours of decision notification. The CIC Staff Advisor reviews and responds within three business days. If the CIC Staff Advisor believes an appeal is warranted, the advisor will convene a hearing and decision with CIC staff. Decision of the CIC staff will be final.