myHR Systems Training

myHR training courses provide information for employees and administrators regarding various HR-related systems and procedures. Most courses are offered regularly on both the Chicago and Evanston campuses; employees from either campus are welcome at any of the sessions.

Security Access

All courses provide access to some level of secure data. Although anybody may take these courses, a myHR Security Form with proper school/unit authorization must be submitted before any system access will be granted.


Registration is required for all courses at least 1 week in advance. To enroll simply click below on the course name you wish to enroll in, then select "Find upcoming sessions and register" and follow the steps to complete your registration.

Or log in to myHR, click the "Training" tile, and select Request Training Enrollment. Click "Search by Course Number" and enter the number as noted below.  Or, enter "HRS" to see a list of all myHR courses.

No fee is charged to attend, but a chartstring is required when registering. If you do not show for the class or if you drop after the cancellation date, the chartstring will be charged a $50 drop fee.


myHR Courses

HRP003: E-Verify/Electronic I-9 Training

Form I-9 Section 2 Processor's Training is available for anyone who signs off on I-9s for a department or center. This includes department administrators, program assistants, hiring managers, or anyone else that assists in the hiring process. 

Access: The I-9 Security Request Form PDF Document must be completed and signed before attending this class.

HRS101: myHR Data Lookup

Description: myHR Data Lookup training is the first training course required for any employee needing access to administrative HR/Payroll data. This course introduces users to common HR data and codes, covers security policies related to accessing HR data, and provides a hands-on demonstration of the most commonly used administration pages in myHR. Users who have submitted the required authorization form (see below) and have been approved for access will receive their own system login at the conclusion of this training course.

Who should take this course? Any employee that will require access to Human Resources or Payroll data/reports as part of their job responsibilities.

Access: A completed FASIS myHR Security Form is required to receive system access after the training.

HRS102: Deployed Funding

Description: Deployed Funding provides instruction for existing myHR administration users to enter, modify, and manage the university chartstrings and grant accounts that provide payment for employees' paychecks.  

Who should take this course? Any administrative user that will be responsible for managing the financial processes related to employee pay.

Access: Access to the temp panel should be indicated on the main myHR Security Form when submitted for the HRS101 training.

Pre-Requisite: HRS101

HRS103: Temp Administration

Description: Temp Administration training provides authorized users with the ability to maintain basic job information for temporary employees in myHR, including updating pay rates, changing funding chartstrings/grants, and terminating temps upon completion of their work.

Who should take this course? Any employee who is responsible for managing the HR data for temporary employees and/or work-study students in their department or unit.

Pre-Requisite: HRS101

Access: Access to the temp panel should be indicated on the main myHR Security Form when submitted for the HRS101 training.

HRS107: Deployed Additional Pay

Description: Deployed Additional Pay allows authorized myHR administration users access to enter and approve additional pay requests online. 

Who should take this course? Any employee who is responsible for entering or approving additional pay requests to their faculty members, graduate students, or staff.

Pre-Requisite: HRS101

Access: Access to Additional Pay should be indicated on the main myHR Security Form.