myHR Learn: Northwestern's Digital Learning Platform

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Starting in September 2015, Northwestern University will transform learning for our staff and faculty by phasing in a new digital learning platform: myHR Learn. The platform will deliver training and professional development opportunities to Northwestern employees through a cloud-based environment accessible anytime, anywhere.

Why is myHR Learn important?

Over the last decade, Northwestern has grown significantly. Our growth creates new complexities and challenges in how we train new employees, help current employees excel with needed skills, and properly meet and document regulatory compliance.

To meet these challenges, a single, University-wide learning system is being developed to manage, provide, and track training and development for our growing global workforce. Now is the ideal opportunity to execute a long-term, forward-looking solution, tailored to the University’s needs by Saba in partnership with key personnel in Northwestern academic and administrative units.

What are the goals of myHR Learn?

  • To connect employees directly to training for their specific roles and responsibilities that will increase and improve job skills and performance.
  • To create a portable digital record of all completed training and development courses that automatically follows employees from one role at the University to another.
  • To ensure completion of required learning and certification, and track compliance through a single source of reporting.
  • To attract and retain great talent, understand the impact of our learning offerings on our increasingly diverse workforce, and strategically target learning aligned with the University’s academic mission and our employees’ career development.
  • To help Northwestern employees build knowledge and skills for personal and University success.

How does myHR Learn work?

  • myHR Learn automatically enrolls employees in necessary compliance training, allowing them to easily and completely meet requirements.
  • myHR Learn also provides a centralized location to register for training and professional development courses across the University.
  • myHR Learn sends updates on new or required training to employees, and allows immediate viewing of completion status.
  • myHR Learn streamlines the professional certification process.
  • myHR Learn users can review and recommend courses to their colleagues and peers, and give feedback to training organizers.

When will implementation of myHR Learn begin?          

myHR Learn eventually will be available to all faculty and staff. Currently planned implementation phases are as follows:

1. Office for Research                                     

  • Phase 1A - Research Safety, Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) — September 8, 2015
  • Fiscal Year 2016 – Phases 1B, C, D
    • Phase 1B - Institutional Review Board (IRB)
    • Phase 1C - Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC); Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM)
    • Phase 1D - Research Administration Training (OSR); Innovation and New Ventures Office (INVO)

2. Support and Integrate rest of Northwestern — Fiscal Year 2016–2017 (TBA)

  • FERPA and Clery (Campus Security Authorities)
  • Title IX and Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prevention
  • Introduction to University Business Processes, Effective Business Operations, Purchasing & Payments
  • New Employee Orientation, DCFS Attestation and other HR Compliance Attestations/Training

Where can I find out more?

Schools and Departments interested in myHR Learn should contact David Denz of Learning & Organization Development, at or (847) 491-7459, for more information.

If you have questions or need help with a technical issue, please contact and we will be happy to assist you.

The myHR Learn Sponsors and Core Committee are a cross-disciplinary group of University leaders and staff who have collaborated to bring myHR Learn to its first user audience in the Office for Research.