Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management Series

Leadership and Management provides a foundation of leadership principles and tools for Northwestern's frontline supervisors and managers with at least one direct report.

This upcoming 2016/2017 series in Evanston, runs over a six-month period from September - February and is open to 40 managers. For some of the sessions, the entire cohort will attend together (Parts 1 -3 and Part 6). For two sessions (Parts 4 and 5) the cohort participants will be divided into two smaller sessions of 20, to allow for more intimate connection across the cohort and with the facilitators due to the deeper, skill-building nature of the content. The cost for this series is $1,525.

Registration for the entire series will take place via Survey Monkey (versus eDevelopment in FASIS Self-Service). Please be advised that Parts 4 and 5 of the series are offered across various dates. Please elect your preference of date for the sessions accordingly. For questions about the series, don’t hesitate to contact Learning & Organization Development at 847-467-5081. 

Leadership & Management Part 1: The Art and Science of Leadership

This workshop helps participants turn leadership theory into behaviors that inspire others to commit to action. Based on the premise that leaders effect change, participant-leaders develop personalized strategies for engaging others in compelling goals. This first course in the Leadership and Management series facilitates cross-university learning and collaboration between the emerging and established leaders who participate. It provides a framework that participant-leaders can use to integrate concepts from the courses in the series into their unique expression of leadership.

Leadership & Management Part 2: Hiring and Managing for Performance Excellence

The first part of this workshop provides practical tools to navigate the University’s seven-step hiring process, help better predict performance, and hire great talent. In the second part of the day, participants learn how to set up both new and existing employees for success using the University’s Performance Excellence process and manage performance throughout the year. Avoiding performance problems in the first place are the key lessons in this session, with some discussion on what to do when performance gets off track.

Leadership & Management Part 3: Delegating & HR Toolkit


Delegation is an often overlooked skill for both new and experienced managers. How often have you thought “it’s just easier to do it myself”?  It’s not uncommon to get caught in the trap of getting something out quickly while missing an opportunity for elevating performance over the long term of those we lead.  Moving from the role of individual contributor to manager can be challenging as we shift our focus from the hands-on work that offered tangible results and personal recognition to results achieved by a team through our leadership. The first part of this workshop helps managers explore how to get more work done, and done well, while making that shift to elevating and developing the skills and performance of others. 

HR Toolkit

The second part of this workshop addresses the procedural and compliance responsibilities that managers must fulfill in the course of their roles at Northwestern. Directors or senior staff from each division of the Office of Human Resources will speak and answer questions about policy and best practices across the wide range of tasks that managers must perform, as well as conversations they might have with their reports.

Leadership & Management Part 4: Crucial Accountability®

Crucial Accountability® is a two-day workshop in which participants learn this widely-used methodology for holding others around them accountable. The workshop is founded on the principle that accountability is not simply "someone else's job"; as part of the NU Community, each employee has both the skill and the authority to raise a concern, regardless of their role. Participants in the workshop will learn how to hold anyone accountable, master performance discussions, motivate others without using power, and other crucial steps in the permanent resolution of problems.

Leadership & Management Part 5: Coaching for Development™ (formerly Managing Development Planning)

This program helps managers get results from others and support their ongoing development by increasing their competence, ease and commitment in conducting career and development conversations with their employees. Learn new distinctions about development — beyond simple strengths and weaknesses — to help guide development plans with just the right emphasis for any employee.

Leadership & Management Part 6: Leading High Performance Teams

In this interactive workshop, leaders learn principles and techniques to develop and sustain high performance teams. Team leaders combine their own experience with research and best practices to create a plan for developing their new team or revitalizing an existing team. Experiential activities, discussions, and applications will address four key elements of high performance teams. Whether you lead an ongoing work team or an ad-hoc team, you can improve your team’s performance with these teamwork tools and skills.