Career Development

Northwestern University offers a career development system that helps employees and their managers engage in mutually beneficial development conversations. These offerings match employee motivated strengths with the needs of their current and future positions at Northwestern.

  • Managing Your Career – Career development at Northwestern begins with self-assessment. Participants of the Managing Your Career one-day workshop will first take an online assessment to determine their top career motivators, known as Career Drivers™. During the interactive workshop, employees then discover how to leverage their top motivators (Career Drivers™) to enhance current job satisfaction and performance as well as future career choices. They will also walk away with the unique ability to link professional development with unit and department goals.
  • Managing Development Planning™ – When you know what drives an employee’s motivation, you can increase engagement and performance. This one-day workshop guides managers in coaching and supporting their employee’s on-the-job development and career growth. (Currently offered as part of the Leadership and Management series.)
  • Online Career Development courses through - View the Career Development Playlist with a University NetID and NetID password. Course topics include Discovering Your Strengths, Embracing Change, Building Confidence, and Building Your Professional Network.

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HRD875- Managing Your Career

This workshop was formerly known as Career Challenge™ and Leveraging Your Career Drivers™ for Development Planning.

This interactive, one-day workshop offers you the opportunity to take a concentrated look at how to make your career development relevant to your current job and use it to propel you in the right direction as you grow at Northwestern.

Managing Your Career begins with a pre-workshop assessment called Career Drivers™. Career Drivers™ define the motivational aspects of work life — your absolute non-negotiables for satisfaction. Knowing your own Career Drivers™ allows you to make wise, empowered choices in your ongoing development and long-term career moves. The online Career Drivers™ assessment will be sent to you in advance.

You will then attend the workshop to:

  • Discover the talents common to everything you’ve accomplished
  • Have a new way to leverage development for current work performance and future goals
  • Learn how to create development goals that are engaging for you and accomplish department goals 
  • Upgrade your ability to communicate your value and not just your needs
  • Learn important strategies for identifying career directions, growing your networks and positioning yourself for future career success

Participants must complete the Career Drivers™ online assessment before attending the Managing Your Career workshop.