Sitter City


Northwestern faculty, staff and students receive a paid membership to find babysitters, nannies, pet sitters and more. The Sittercity site includes an entire library of tips and resources for sitters and parents.

Sittercity helps you find:

  • Babysitters for after-school, school vacations, extended work hours, special needs children, and whenever you need a sitter.
  • Nannies for full and part time, infant and young child care
  • Senior care providers from companions to licensed RNs
  • Dog walkers and Pet sitters
  • Tutors and Housekeepers

Your free Sittercity membership gives you online access to local caregivers and other providers with profiles that include background checks, client reviews, references, a 4-Step screening process, pictures and more.

How Does it Work?

Four Easy Steps…

1. Create a profile

Sitter City Login Page

2. Post a job


3. Search for sitters or other providers

4. Screen sitters or providers

To Get Started:

  1. Staff and faculty can log on through FASIS or by clicking here to register; students can log on directly by clicking here. This will ensure that you receive a complimentary enrollment. If logging on through FASIS, click the FASIS Button and follow the prompts. Enter your Net Id and password. Select Sittercity from the FASIS Menu.
  1. Once inside the Sittercity website, you can register to receive a free account for one year, courtesy of Northwestern University. After your account is set up through FASIS, you can access Sittercity directly at by entering your unique username and password.
  1. Northwestern University faculty, staff and students who do not have a Net Id or password, should send an e-mail to the Office of Work/Life Resources ( to verify eligibility for this benefit. The e-mail information should include:
     - Name
     - E-mail address
     - Phone
     - NU School or department affiliation

You will receive information about becoming a free Sittercity member when your eligibility is confirmed by the Office of Human Resources.


Plan ahead.

  • Search for providers and interview them before you have an unexpected need.
  • Identify multiple caregivers.  If one is not available, you'll have a second choice already identified.

Screen providers.

  • Check providers’ references from former clients.
  • Use the optional national background check service through LexisNexis, which is discounted for Sittercity members.

Research market rates for providers.  Sittercity's site includes a rate calculator.

Leave detailed instructions for your sitter or other provider.  Before you go out, make a list of emergency contact numbers, instructions and special concerns for your sitter.