Personal Leave


Personal leave is absence taken for personal development related to University employment, for research, for travel, for seeking re-employment after involuntary separation as through staff reduction, or for continued medical or family care after the expiration of a medical or family care leave.


Service. One continuous year of service is required for an individual to take personal leave of absence.

Standing. Good standing is required in order to qualify for a personal leave.

Need. Personal leave is granted for personal development related to University employment, for research, for travel, or after involuntary separation from the University at no fault of the individual.


Pay. Personal leave starts with use of accrued vacation and personal floating holidays. No sick time is paid during personal leave. Accrued vacation and personal floating holidays have been paid, the leave continues as unpaid leave.

Benefits. An individual on a personal leave can continue insured benefits by paying the full premium for the insurance, including the portion otherwise paid by the University. Only health, dental and vision benefits continue to be available.

Application procedure

Application. The leave application is obtainable from the Office of Human Resources Benefits Division or a school’s business office. It is completed by the employee, given to the supervisor for approval, and forwarded to the Benefits Division. Thirty days notice is needed except in emergencies. The Benefits Division notifies the employee about benefits availability.

Certification. A letter explaining of the purpose of the personal leave is to accompany the application, describing the travel, research, or program of self- development related to University employment to be undertaken during the leave. A personal leave to continue leave of absence for medical or family care requires medical certification of the need for the extension to a personal leave.

Approval. The employee’s supervisor approves the payment of paid time benefits, the holding of the job, and a recommendation for the leave. Confirmation by the Office of Human Resources Benefits Division is required to begin the leave.

End of the leave

Return to work. The employee reports to work as scheduled at the end of the leave.