Military Training

Military training leave is absence for military reserve training.



Leave for military training is granted at any time during active employment.

Military Membership

Membership in the reserve or National Guard is required.

Leave Approval

  • The employee is to inform the supervisor as far in advance as possible. He or she must complete the Leave of Absence Request Form PDF Document.
  • A military voucher is needed by the payroll division to reimburse the difference in pay.
  • The Office of Human Resources sends a letter to the employee regarding approval of the leave and its dates. The supervisor receives a copy.

Leave Termination

  • The employee reports to work after the scheduled training.
  • Military training leave is limited to the duration of the training.


Holding The Job

The job is held for the duration of the leave.


Employees receive their University pay for the leave period, less the amount of gross pay received from the federal or state governments.


Benefits continue in this absence during active employment. Premiums are paid by the individual and the University as during active employment.