How Do I Hire a New Employee?

As a premier academic institution, Northwestern University understands that recruiting high-caliber talent is critical to the advancement of its strategic mission. Staff employees play a key role in supporting the University’s mission and in realizing Northwestern’s goals. To assist you in recruiting and selecting this talent, your area’s assigned Staffing Consultant within the Office of Human Resources is available to guide you through the process of the selection and hiring of a new staff employee. You can follow these steps to recruit a new staff employee:

  1. Determine whether the position is a newly created role or a vacant role that has already existed within your organization. This will determine the initial steps required to ensure the job description and posting are up-to-date online and that the position is appropriately leveled (graded) within your department. For more detailed information on this initial step, see the complete Northwestern Recruitment and Selection Process.
  2. Once your position is posted, your Staffing Consultant will contact you to discuss the opening and your expectations for the role and the recruitment process. Together you will form a recruitment strategy for the job opening, including whether any additional advertising needs to be done.
  3. All resumes are initially screened by your Staffing Consultant and only the candidates that meet the minimum qualifications will be sent to you for further review and consideration.
  4. In some cases, the Staffing Consultant may conduct telephone screens or initial interviews with selected candidates. This may help you narrow down the pool and identify a more manageable number of individuals for further consideration.
  5. Once any initial screening or interviewing has been conducted by the Staffing Consultant, you select the candidates who will be interviewed by your department and change the status of the candidates from “route” to “interview” in eRecruit. You prepare a Candidate Interview Guide and conduct interviews with these candidates. The Staffing Consultant is available to provide input and assistance in developing the Candidate Interview Guide.
  6. Once you have identified the final candidate, the Staffing Consultant initiates the final candidate processing, including the background check, verification of education credentials, and verification of employment history. Additionally, either you or the Staffing Consultant conducts a minimum of two professional reference checks. If the final candidate is an internal employee, there are a few additional points that must be considered, so it is important to discuss this with your Staffing Consultant.
  7. After the final candidate processing has been successfully completed, you and the Staffing Consultant, at times in consultation with Compensation, agree on an initial salary offer utilizing the salary guidelines provided by Compensation. Either you or the Staffing Consultant extends the verbal offer to the final candidate.
  8. Once the final candidate has accepted the verbal offer, you review the New Employee Onboarding Checklist PDF Document and begin planning for the new hire’s arrival. The Staffing Consultant prepares the written offer letter and emails it to the new hire. At this time the start date needs to be determined.
  9. The Staffing Consultant meets with the new hire on the employee’s first day to have the employee sign the application and complete the I-9 employment authorization process (e-Verify), along with additional new hire steps and procedures.