How Do I Access FASIS Administrative Tools?

The FASIS Administration system allows approved users to access a wide variety of HR data and online functionality.

The most common functionality provided to users consists of:

  • Data Lookup: access to HR and Payroll data for employees within a specific department or group of departments.
  • Deployed Funding: enter position funding changes online.
  • Temporary Employee Administration: submit various HR changes to temporary employees, including wage, job, and supervisor updates.
  • Query Reporting: create custom queries that pull specific FASIS data into a downloadable spreadsheet.

Additional Administrative Systems supported in FASIS are:

  • eRecruit: post job openings, review applications, and submit a hire recommendation.
  • eDevelopment: post training courses online and electronically manage scheduling and enrollment.
  • Faculty eOffer: submit faculty offer letters for approval and record-keeping.
  • Salary Planning: record staff merit raises and plan your budget’s salary encumbrances for the fiscal year.

To receive access to any of the above components in FASIS Administration, you must be fully approved and participate in required training.  New or existing users interested in adding functionality should:

  1. Complete and submit the required security forms.

    Download the appropriate forms and complete all information, including relevant approval signatures.  Submit the forms to the addresses as noted on each.

  2. Sign up for a training course in the Self Service Portal.

    Each component has a related course that must be taken before access is granted. Find the course that is required and register for an upcoming session in the Self Service Portal.

  3. Log in to FASIS Administration to access the component.

    After your forms are approved and you have attended class, your login details will be activated and you will be notified via email.

Sign in to FASIS Administration with your FASIS ID and Password.