How Do I Take Advantage of Educational Assistance?

To qualify for tuition benefits, you must have full-time employment status as of the first day of the term for which the benefit is being requested. Even if eligibility is lost during a term, the tuition benefit is provided through the end of that term of study.

You must submit a completed application for educational assistance or reduced tuition to the Benefits Division within the calendar year for which the benefit is being requested. Portable tuition applications must be submitted within 1 year of the start date of the term.

For additional plan and eligibility information please review the tuition information available on our website.

Application Process

  1. Complete the tuition benefits application for the type of benefit you elect.
  2. Obtain a signed copy of your most recently filed 1040 tax form as proof of dependency.
  3. Attach additional documentation for portable tuition applications, which may include an invoice, proof of payment, and proof of full-time student status.
  4. Submit the application and supporting documentation.

NU Medical School faculty should submit applications to:

Northwestern University
Medical School Administrative Operations
RUBLOFF 420 E Superior St 12-182B
Chicago, IL 60611

All other University faculty and staff should submit applications to:

Northwestern University Benefits Division
720 University Place
Evanston, Illinois 60208