Online Additional Pay

Online Additional Pay Rollout

The new online process for Additional Pay will be rolled out to users in phases:

  • Currently Live: Communication, Feinberg, Kellogg, McCormick, Weinberg
  • Coming Soon: Rollout to other schools/units is being initiated throughout2017

Using Additional Pay in myHR

Requestors and approvers must complete HRS107 Deployed Additional Pay training before receiving access.  Those who have not been pre-approved for access by their school also must submit a myHR General Access Request Form to request access to Additional Pay.

Once training is complete and access is granted, Additional Pay may be entered in myHR from the Classic Home view using the following menu paths:

  • Request/Approve/Review Additional Pay -- Quick Steps PDF
    Main Menu > Payroll for North America > Employee Pay Data USA > Additional Pay Request

  • Review Historical (completed) Additional Pay Requests
    Main Menu > Payroll for North America > Employee Pay Data USA > Additional Pay Payment History

  • Approve Additional Pay Requests
    1) Log into myHR.
    2) Change the "Self Service" drop-down to "Manager Self Service."
    3) Click the Approvals tile.
    4) Select the "Additional Pay" menu item on the left side.
  • Change, Remove, or Assign Department Approvers (available to those with Approver access)
    Main Menu > Payroll for North America > Employee Pay Data USA > Additional Pay Assign Approver

Required Forms

The following forms may be required for Additional Pay requests:

Payment Timing & Deadlines

Generally, assuming all approvals are received on time, payments will be paid out to an employee as follows:

  • Payments for service in a current or future pay period: paid on the appropriate on-cycle payroll
  • Payments with retroactive service dates: paid on the next on- or off-cycle payroll
  • Payments requesting a gross-up: paid on the next off-cycle payroll

Approval Processing and Rules

All transactions must receive complete approval within 30 days of entry.  Requestors will be notified via email when a transaction has not been approved within 14 days, and again if not approved at 21 days. A final notification on the 30th day will indicate that the transaction has been cancelled due to lack of approval.

  • Department Approvers who enter a request may immediately apply their department approval after submitting.
  • An individual may apply only one approval (e.g. the same person cannot apply both department approval and school approval).
  • Requestors are responsible for tracking their requests and ensuring that timely approval is received.
  • All department and school approvers may edit or update approvers for their area using the "Additional Pay Assign Approvers" page.

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