Staff eRecruit

Staff recruiting (including regular staff, research staff, and postdoctoral fellows) is processed in coordination with the Office of Human Resources and the hiring department or school. FASIS Staff eRecruit is the University's official means to post your open positions, review staff applicants, and select your final candidate.

Staff eRecruit contains multiple levels of access, depending on your role in the hiring process. Requests for access to Staff eRecruit may contain one or more of the following:

  • Resume Receiver
    This very basic role allows anyone with an active NetID (staff, faculty, or students) to view resumes for a particular position. This is the only role that does not require training; requests for "Resume Receiver" access may be emailed to your department's HR Staffing Consultant or the designated Hiring Manager for the position.
  • Data Coordinator
    The staff Data Coordinator is responsible for entering job opening details into eRecruit. The Data Coordinator also has access to enter Graystone Advertising options for a job posting during the posting process.  Data Coordinators may or may not have access to review applicant resumes, depending on the department's policy.
  • Authorizer
    The department Authorizer is responsible for approving a particular job posting. After information is entered by the Data Coordinator, the Authorizer must review and approve all details before the opening proceeds to HR for final review.
  • Hiring Manager
    The Hiring Manager receives access to review resumes and is responsible for updating each applicant's status (reject, mark for interview, select for offer). This person also has the ability to enter and edit Graystone Advertising options for the job posting at any time until the opening is closed. NOTE: The "Hiring Manager" does not need to be the actual supervisor of the position; rather, this is the person that will be responsible for keeping applicant statuses up to date in the system.

Access to Staff eRecruit

To become a Resume Receiver, or to request Resume Receiver access for another individual:

  1. Contact your department's HR Staffing Consultant or the Hiring Manager for the desired position.  
  2. Your request must be approved by the posting department and HR, and will then be routed to FASIS for setup.

To become a Data Coordinator, Hiring Manager, and/or Authorizer:

  1. Sign up for and attend the HRS121: Staff eRecruit training course; provide your requested access to the instructor upon completion of training.
  2. The instructor will review your level of access and obtain authorization from your department and your HR Staffing Consultant.
  3. Access will be prrovided by FASIS to approved job openings.
  4. After training is complete, you may be added to any future job opening by the Data Coordinator (when the job opening is entered) or your HR Staffing Consultant (after the opening has been saved).

Note: Training is offered once a month on each campus and is required for everything except Resume Receiver access. If you require access to view resumes immediately, you may request "Resume Receiver" access from your HR Staffing Consultant, which can be upgraded to one of the other roles upon completion of training.

System Documentation

Contact Information

For questions regarding training, or problems encountered within eRecruit contact:
FASIS Help Desk / 847-467-4800

For more information about the job positing and search process, contact:
Your HR Staffing Consultant
General Staffing Line (Evanston): 847-491-7507
General Staffing Line (Chicago): 312-503-8481