Faculty/Librarian eRecruit

NOTICE: Effective June 10, minor enhancements have been added to the Faculty/Librarian Job Opening page. For more details, see Faculty eRecruit Enhancements and Graystone Advertising.

Faculty and librarian recruiting is processed in coordination with the Office of the Provost and the hiring school. The FASIS Faculty eRecruit system contains three main components utilized during the faculty/librarian hiring process; access may be provided to one or more of these functions as necessary:

  1. Faculty/Librarian Pre-Search
    This process allows for a faculty or librarian posting position to be requested from the Office of the Provost. The approved posting position is then entered into eRecruit by the department's Faculty Data Coordinator, which allows the opening to appear on Northwestern's Jobs website, the Greater Chicago Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (GCM HERC) job board, and other advertising destinations via Graystone Advertising.

  2. Self-Identification Emails
    This function provides a means for hiring departments and schools to solicit applicant self-identification information, in accordance with federal Equal Employment Opportunity regulations.

  3. eOffer
    The eOffer page is a secure process to manage electronic tracking of negotiations and offer letters, including approval of offers by the Office of the Provost, Office for Research, and other required parties.

Access to Faculty eRecruit

Access to and use of any of the above Faculty eRecruit functions requires approval by the Office of the Provost and completion of training.

  1. Contact the Faculty Records Office at the Office of the Provost for authorization.
  2. Complete the Authorization FormPDF and send it to the Office of the Provost, Faculty Records Office.
  3. Sign up for the HRS251: Faculty/Librarian eRecruit training.

Note: Training classes are offered in March and August each year, in coordination with typical search cycles. If you have been authorized and require training outside of these months, or would like to take a refresher class, please contact fasishelp@northwestern.edu.

System Documentation

System documentation and guides are provided to each user during the HRS251 training class. For additional copies or answers to your questions, please contact facultyrecords@northwestern.edu.

Contact Information

For more information about access or faculty search processes, contact:
Faculty Records Office, Office of the Provost

For questions regarding training, contact:
FASIS Help Desk
fasishelp@northwestern.edu / 847-467-4800