New FASIS Resources & System Enhancements

Recent FASIS Enhancements, News, and Updates:


Deployment Change to Journal Entry and Approval Procedure

Effective: Friday, December 7, 2012

Effective December 7, Payroll (Linda King) will no longer receive or approve online journal entries; all journal entries will go directly from the data enterer to the PTA Approver(s).

Linda will continue to approve the positions where funding was entered past the position end date and the Payroll Manager will continue to get the positions where an account code different from the default account code is used. 90-day paper journals will continue to be entered by Payroll after receiving proper approval.

Additionally, users will notice a slight change when processing retroactive funding with a journal entry.  Funding will now be saved prior to proceeding to the journal.  After saving the funding, a pop-up window will appear with the Journal Entry screen, allowing you to complete the journal in a new window.  If your browser's pop-up blocker prevents the journal window from opening, you can complete the journal portion by manually navigating to the "Enter Journals" page.


Current Salary Drill-Down Feature

Effective: March 27, 2012

A new drill-down feature on the Current Salary page allows users to drill down into Fiscal Year-to-Date and Calendar Year-to-Date earnings, breaking out and subtotalling the earnings types for each appointment.  For an overview, click here. PDF


FASIS Appointment & Salary History Pages

Effective: January 9, 2012

FASIS History Pages have been added to compliment to the Appointment Overview and Current Salary pages.  Please note that while all employees will have a Salary History page by default, each employee's Appointment History is bring manually vetted before it will display in the system.

Click here for more information about these pages, and for data regarding the progress of the Appointment History vetting.