Vista Plus

Vista is an easy-to-use tool that contains reports on General Ledger transactions. Complete a Vista / Cognos PED Access Authorization form PDF Document to get a Vista ID and password. No class is needed to gain access to the Vista reports.

Log in to Vista using your Vista ID and password.


Vista manual PDF Document

Vista tips PDF Document

Commonly Used Vista Reports

NWPOS001 Expiring Jobs
NPAY005 Temp Employee Hours
NPOS003 Funding – Grad Stu Temps
NWPAY013 GL Report by Department
NWPAY018 Department Edits
NWPAY044 Leave Accrual Report by Dept
NWPOS009 Job Summary Report
NWPAY16b Report by Account
NPAY002A Payroll Register

Deployment Reports

Deployment reports can only be viewed by FASIS users who have completed Deployment training.

If you have not taken Deployment training, you may enroll through Self Service.

NWDEP001 Report of Denied & amp; Deleted Journal Entries
NWDEP002 Report of Unapproved Deleted Journal Entries
NWDEP003 Report of All Pending Journal Entries
NWDEP004 Report of Pending Position Funding
NWDEP005 Report of Reversal of Denied Position Funding
NWDEP006 Report of Reversal of Unapproved Position Funding
NWDEP007 Report of Audit File for Position Funding
NWDEP008 Journal Entry Audit Report