Changing Reports To Approvers

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Reports To Approvers

The Reports To Approvers are used for certain approval functions within FASIS; when a new employee is hired, the approvers default to the direct supervisor, as noted in the Reports To field on Position Data. At any time, these approvers may be changed directly through the "Reports To" page.  These approvers must be changed manually when an existing employee, post-doc, or graduate student transfers into a different department.

Note that this page does not change the official supervisor of a position -- only the approvers for the functions listed below. To change a supervisor, a Position/Appointment Form must be submitted to Payroll.

System Navigation

You must be logged into the FASIS Administration Production database to make entries on this page:
> Workforce Administration > Job Information > Maintain Approver Information > Reports To

Types of Approvers

This page allows you to change the four FASIS approvers for an employee:

  • Conflict of Interest: the approver for a staff employee’s annual Conflict of Interest questionnaire
  • Performance Evaluation: used in the annual salary planning process
  • Training: approves any training requests the employee submits through FASIS Self Service
  • Leave Accural: approves an exempt staff employee’s leave time in Kronos each month

Changing Approvers

1. In FASIS Admin Production, Navigate to: 
> Workforce Administration > Job Information > Maintain Approver Information > Reports To
2. Search for an employee by EmplID or Name.

Tip: To search by Name, you must use the format: Firstname Lastname
3. Click Plus to add a new record for approvers. The Effective Date for the new record defaults to the current date.
4. For each approver you wish to change, enter the new approver’s 8‐digit Position Number in the appropriate box. Tab or click out of a field to update the name of the incumbent in that position:

Reports To Screenshot

Tip: If you do not know a person’s Position Number, click Search to search by name.
5. Click Save Button .

The changes will be saved, and FASIS will display your FASIS ID and the current time as the Last Updated By and Last Update fields.