NetID Coordinator


How are NetIDs Assigned?

A University NetID end Employee ID# are automatically assigned to a new employee within 24 hours after the hire information is entered into FASIS.  The hire paperwork may be submitted up to 90 days before the employee's start date, providing immediate and early access to University email and other NetID-based systems.  For example, a Faculty member starting September 1st may begin using email and setting up the course in Blackboard as early as June 1st.  Paperwork is completed as follows:

  • Faculty & Research Staff: Complete a Position Data/Appointment Form with appropriate Hire codes and route through the normal approval procedure.
  • Staff: The form will be completed and sent to payroll by your department's HR Staffing Consultant.
  • Temporary Employees: Consult with the NU Temp Staffing Center for assistance with onboarding your temp, including the mandatory background check and hire paperwork.

How does the employee receive the NetID?

Once the NetID is generated, an email is sent to the hiring department's NetID Coordinator.  This email contains the NetID and activation instructions; the NetID Coordinator is responsible for forwarding the information to the new employee.

How do I know that a NetID has been created?

If a NetID has been created, you can find it on the employee's Personal Data page in FASIS Admin (Wordforce Administation > Personal Information > Personal Data).  Click the "Contact Information" tab; the NetID and email will be listed in the "Email Addresses" box.  If this box is blank, the NetID has not yet been assigned.

How can I change the NetID Coordinator?

By default, the Department Manager is assigned as the NetID Coordinator for all new hires within that department.  However, any FASIS Administration user may modify the NetID Coordinator for their department using the NetID Coordinator page in FASIS.


To change the NetID Coordinator:

  1. Login to FASIS Admin (Production) with your Admin ID and Password.
  2. You must know the Position Number for the individual that you will be setting as the new NetID Coordinator.  If you don't know this, find it first by looking up the person on the Appointment Overview page (Faculty and Staff Information > Appointment Overview).
  3. Open the NetID Coordinator page (Workforce Administration > Job Information > NetID Coordinator).
  4. Enter a 6-digit HR Department number to modify.  Note: If you have multiple DeptIDs, such as 111100, 111101, 111120, etc., you must change change each seperately.
  5. Click the blue [+] button in the upper right.
  6. Enter the eight-digit position number in the NetID Coordinator Position box.
  7. Click Save.

Printable instructions for changing the NetID Coordinator can be found here PDF Document.


For more information regarding NetIDs, see:

For questions related to a NetID or password, contact the NUIT Support Center at:
847-491-HELP (4357) or

For questions regarding the NetID Coordinator page in FASIS, contact the FASIS Help Desk at:
847-467-4800 or