Self Service Portal: FAQs

For detailed information on each Portal pagelet and task, please refer to the main Portal Overview webpage and select the section of the Portal you'd like to learn more about. You may also use the menu at the left to view instructions for updating your information.

For assistance with problems that are not addressed on this website, please contact the FASIS Help Desk during business hours at 847-467-4800 or

Click a question or common problem below to view more information:

Portal Access and Navigation

My password is not working - how can I reset it?

Please note that the Portal is designed for employees, students, and affiliates with an active University NetID and password.

If your NetID and password are not providing you access to the Portal, please see NUIT's website for NetIDs and Passwords. Their webpage contains helpful information to check and reset your password if necessary.

Remember that the Portal is only used for Self Service functions using your NetID. If you are an administrative user attempting you access FASIS with your Admin ID, you must continue to log in using the FASIS Admin link at

Which browsers can I use to access the Portal?

The FASIS Portal is designed to work with:

  • Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 on Microsoft Windows
  • Firefox 3.6 and higher on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Apple Safari 3, 4, 5, and 6 on Mac OS X
  • Google Chrome 13 on Microsoft Windows

I am trying to click a link or open a document in the Portal, but nothing happens.

Your browser likely has a pop-up blocker that is preventing a new window or tab from opening. To access this content, see these instructions to turn off your pop-up blocker. Note that your pop-up blocker may even block the download of PDF documents (including paychecks) if it is not turned off, especially with certain versions of Chrome and Safari.

I cannot see all of the menu options, or I am receiving an error when trying to click a link.

First, ensure you are using one of the supported browsers listed in the FAQ above. Then, follow these instructions to clear your browser's cache or turn off pop-up blocker. Your computer's screen resolution may also impact your view; a very high or very low resolution may stretch or shrink the Portal view.

In some cases, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or work location may unintentionally block access to our system. If you receive a "Page Not Found" error after clicking a link, please log out, connect to the University network using the NU VPN, and log back in.

Note also that not every employee will have the same access in the FASIS Portal. Your available links and functions may vary slightly based on your role at the University.

How long can I stay signed into the FASIS Self Service Portal?

As a general rule, always remember to sign out of the Portal and close your browser when you are finished. The Portal will automatically log you out after one hour of inactivity; you will receive a warning message after 55 minutes.

What are modal windows, and why are different links and documents opening in different ways?

A "modal window" is an on-screen view that allows you to view and enter information without actually leaving the portal itself; the modal window opens on top of the main Portal page.

For most browsers, the links in the purple accordion menus will open in a modal window, while most external links and documents will open in a completely new browser tab or window. Individual browsers may behave differently, depending on your browser version and individual settings. If you feel like you "lost" the Portal, first try closing any extra modal windows or browser tabs that may have opened while you were working. Remember you can always click the "Home" link in the top right corner of the Portal header to return to the main Portal screen.

How can I access the FASIS Admin pages?

FASIS Administration users should continue to use the separate admin link and login to PROD or REPT with their Admin ID. Using your Admin ID in the Portal will not provide access to the administration functions and page.

Changing and Saving Your Information

I tried saving some information, but all I can see is a blank screen.

This is a known issue with some browser versions. While your changes did save, the confirmation message screen appears very large. If you scroll up in the modal window, you should see your Save confirmation. You can close the modal window and return to the Portal without taking any further action.

I changed my information - why does my old data still show in the Portal?

After you make a change to your data (such as phone number or home address), it is not immediately reflected in the Portal homepage. To see any changes that are currently effective, simply refresh your browser window. Note that if you set a future effective date for your changes, the new information will not appear on the Portal home screen until that date.

Specific Portal Functions

Benefits: My benefits are not displaying correctly, or I receive a message that I have no active benefits.

The "My Benefits" pagelet in the center of the Portal will display your benefits elections as of the current date. If you have a pending benefits change that has not taken effect, or if you are newly benefits-eligible, your new elections will not be displayed here. To access this information, click the purple "My Benefits" accordion menu, choose "My Benefits", enter a future date, and click "Go."

COI: Where can I find answers to my Conflict of Interest questions?

Currently the Self Service Portal is only available for faculty and research Conflict of Interest disclosures. For more information regarding COI procedures and system processes, refer to the Conflict of Interest Office.

eRecruit: Where are the pages for Faculty and Staff eRecruit?

The eRecruit pages for managers have changed location slightly within the menu structure. To access eRecruit, simply click the "Manager Self Service" link in the "My Other FASIS Functions" box on the right side of the Portal; then select the "Manager Recruiting" folder. Common pages, such as Create a New Job Opening and Review Applicants are immediately available in this folder. Additional Staff and Faculty functions have been further organized into the "Staff Recruiting" and "Faculty Recruiting" folders.

Kronos: I am clicking the Kronos link but receiving a "Page Not Found" error.

You must be on a wired campus computer or connected to the University network (not in student housing) to access Kronos. To connect to Kronos from off-campus or in housing, you must connect to the NU VPN first.

Kronos: Why am I losing the Portal when I log into Kronos?

Click the purple "My Time" accordion menu, and select the appropriate (Java or Non-Java) login. Initially the Kronos login screen will open in a modal window; after logging in, it will expand into the full browser, overriding the Portal. To return, you will have to re-launch the Portal by navigating back to the Portal website at

Manager Self Service: How do I approve training requests for my employees?

When you receive an email with a training approval request, click the link in that email. You will be directed to the old Self Service login, but you may still log in and approve the request as usual. While the email link will direct you through the old login page, you can also view and approver requests in the Portal by clicking "Manager Self Service" in the "My Other FASIS Functions" box. Then navigate to: My Employee Training > Approve Training Request.

You may approve a training request from the email link or through the Portal; either method will process the same way.

Payroll: How can I view my Paycheck?

After logging into the Self Service Portal, click and expand the purple "My Money" accordion. Then click "My Paycheck." A modal window will open with links to all paychecks; select a date to view or print a PDF version of that paydate's pay stub. If the document is not opening, ensure that your pop-up blocker is turned off.

Payroll: How do I change by Direct Deposit or view my W-2?

The Direct Deposit and W-2 options are currently disabled in Self Service for security reasons. To submit or change your direct deposit information, complete a Direct Deposit Form and send it to the Payroll Office. To obtain a copy of your W-2, contact Payroll at