Get Started & Search for Jobs

Getting Started

If you are a staff member, faculty member, or a student that is paid:

  1. Choose "Current Northwestern Employee" from the Careers homepage to log in to the Self Service Portal with your NetID and password.
  2. To access the job listing, Apply for Jobs link in the "My Other FASIS Functions" box on the right side.
  3. To search for jobs, click on the Job Search link at the top of the page or click on the Advanced Search link in the Basic Job Search box.

If you are a new or returning external applicant:

  1. Choose "External Applicant" from the Careers homepage, which will take you directly to the job listing.
    • If you are a new user and wish to establish a user name and password click on the Register link. A user name and password only needs to be established once you are ready to apply for a job.
    • If you are a returning user, enter you user name and password into the Login box.
    • If you have used Northwestern University’s eRecruit system in the past and used your email address to sign in, please continue to use your email address as your user name.
    • If you do not remember your user name or your password, click the Login Help link in the Login box.
  2. To search for jobs, click on the Advanced Search link in the Basic Job Search box.

For additional details about applying for a job, see

Advanced Job Search

  1. On the Job Search page, set your job search criteria by using any of the following provided fields:
    • Keywords – This field is not case-sensitive. Enter a word or phrase to match the job description.
    • Location – Select one, or multiple, locations to find job openings at a particular location or campus. To select multiple locations, hold down the Control key (Command key for Macs) while clicking selections.
    • Job Family – Select one, or multiple, job families to find job openings in a particular job classification or functional area. (For example: Nursing jobs would be found in the Healthcare Job Family) To select multiple job families, hold down the Control key (Command key for Macs) while clicking selections.
    • Full-Time/Part-Time – Full time hours are 37.5 hrs/week. Part Time is anything less than 37.5 hrs/week.
    • Exempt/Non Exempt – Select Exempt to search for salaried jobs. Select Non Exempt to search for non-salaried, or hourly, jobs. Select Both to search for both Exempt and Non Exempt jobs.
    • Department – Enter the 6 digit numeric identifier for a department within the University. If you do not know the department number, click on the magnifying icon to search for the department by Description or by Number. Note: If left blank, all departments will be searched.
    • Job Opening ID – Enter the numeric identifier to search for a specific job opening. Note: If you enter a number in this search criterion, it is not necessary to enter other search criteria.
    • Find Jobs Posted Within – Select a time duration to search for jobs posted within a specified time frame.
    • Display Results Sorted By – Select a criteria in order to have search results display in a specified order.
  2. Once your search criteria are set, click on the Search button. When clicked, the search criteria box will collapse and a list of matching jobs will be returned in the Search Results.
  3. If you would like to change search criteria, select the icon on the blue bar titled Click icon to View Advance Search Criteria. This will expand the search criteria box. To clear search criteria, click on the Clear button to the right of the Search button.