EyeMed Vision

Northwestern University's standalone vision plan, available to all benefit eligible employees. There is a separate premium charge for this plan.

Summary Plan Description PDF Document

In-Network Cost
(Insight Network)

Out-of-Network Reimbursement


$10 co-pay Up to $40
Dilation as necessary $0
Refraction  $0

Exam Options – Contact Lenses 

Standard Fit and Follow-Up $10 copay, Paid-in-full fit and two follow-up visits Up to $40
Premium Fit and Follow-Up  $10 copay, 10% off retail prices, then apply $55 allowance Up to $40


$0 copay, plus 80% of balance over $130 Up to $65

Standard Plastic Lenses        

Single Vision $10 copay Up to $40
Bifocal $10 copay Up to $60
Trifocal $10 copay Up to $80
Lenticular $10 copay Up to $80
Standard Progressive $75 copay Up to $60
Premium Progressive (scheduled) $101 - $113 copay Up to $60
Premium Progressive (other) $75 copay + (80% of charge less $120 allowance)

Standard Lens Options

UV coating $15 N/A
Tint (solid and gradient) $15 N/A
Standard scratch resistance $0 Up to $5
Standard polycarbonate $0 Up to $5
Standard anti-reflective coating $45 N/A
Polarized 20% off Retail Price N/A
Photochromic/Transitions Plastic $75 N/A
Premium Anti-reflective coating (scheduled) $57 - $68  N/A
Other add-ons and services 80% of retail price N/A

Contact Lenses


Conventional $0 copay, plus 85% of balance over $200 Up to $160 
Disposable $0 copay, plus 100% of balance over $200 Up to $160
Medically necessary $0 (paid in full by plan) Up to $210

Lasik or PRK from US Laser Network

85% of retail price 95% of promotional price N/A

Frequency (calendar year)

Exam Once every 12 months Once every 12 months
Lenses or Contact Lenses Once every 12 months Once every 12 months
Frames Once every 24 months Once every 24 months

Claim Submission

If using an in-network provider you do not need to submit claims. The provider is responsible for pre-authorizing the claims using your 7-digit employee ID number.

If using an out-of-network provider, obtain a vision claim form from EyeMed and submit it to the following address for reimbursement:

EyeMed Vision Care
Attn: OON Claims
P.O. Box 8504
Mason, OH 45040-7111

Monthly Premiums