Equifax ID Patrol Coverage

Northwestern faculty and staff who were issued a Form W-2 for 2015 are being offered ID Patrol services for credit monitoring and ID theft protection at no cost. Communications regarding this benefit are being sent to Northwestern email addresses as well as home addresses of those eligible for this coverage.  

Q&As Regarding Equifax ID Patrol Coverage

Where can I get more information on the credit protection plan being offered?
For coverage provisions, please see the Summary of Benefits PDF. To sign up for ID Patrol coverage, visit www.equifax.com/howto/idpatrol using the instructions indicated in the letter that was sent to your Northwestern email address or home address.

If my information was used in an unauthorized manner, what should I do?
You are advised to file a police report and place an extended fraud alert on your credit account. You must have a police report in order to apply for extended fraud protection; for more information, please click here.

If I have previously placed a fraud hold on my credit, how does enrolling for ID Patrol coverage affect that?
It should not. If you have an active freeze on your credit, see below.

I have a credit freeze on my account at this time. Can I still use this coverage?
Yes, but you will need to unfreeze your account before you can activate ID Patrol coverage. Don't forget to reinstate the freeze once you have completed this process.

I currently utilize Equifax credit monitoring services. Can I get out of my current contract and utilize the Northwestern offered coverage instead?
Any Equifax customer can cancel out of their product line at any time. If you are paying on a monthly basis, no refund will be issued if you cancel mid-cycle. If you are paying for an annual product, a refund is possible. Contact Equifax for additional information.

How much does this service cost if I want to continue it beyond the first year?
Northwestern is reviewing options for providing credit monitoring and ID theft protection in the future. Current estimates of the monthly cost are approximately $17 per month.

Who can I contact for further assistance or additional questions?
If you need further assistance in enrolling in this service, or you have any additional questions, you may email the Benefits Office at benefits@northwestern.edu or call 847-491-7513. If you experience any difficulty, please contact Lindsay Greco at l-greco@northwestern.edu or call 847-467-0673, or Anne Fish, Director of Benefits, at a-fish@northwestern.edu or call 847-491-8588.