Employee NU Certificate Tuition

Summary Plan Description

Employee Eligibility

This benefit is available for full-time faculty and staff at the University.

1. Participant must be a regular full-time employee AND
2. Participant must have completed one full year of service prior to the beginning of the term AND
3. Employee must be on the payroll at the beginning and completion of course(s).

Allowable Expenses

This benefit is for certificate courses taken at Northwestern University. The benefit is limited to tuition and eligible fees only.

Annual Benefit Amount

The benefit covers 100% of tuition and eligible fees up to $5,250 per calendar year. Total maximum of all education assistance benefits per employee is $12,000/calendar year, whereby any amount over $5,250 is considered taxable income per IRS rules.

Reimbursement Eligiblity

1. Copy of official certificate showing completion of course.
2. Copy of official university/school bill or statement of account (showing all fees, financial aid received, and full payment).
3. Supervisor's approval shown by signature on Supervisor Acknowledgement Form.
4. The calendar year in which the course(s) are taken will be the same calendar year in which the reimbursement funds are applied.
5. Employees must submit a completed online application within 90 days after the course completion date.

Application Procedure

  1. Employees review policy & procedure to ensure eligiblity prior to the start of the certificate program.
  2. Employees obtain their supervisor's approval and signature indicating it is a job-related program.
  3. Employees, upon completion of the course, must submit an online application using Plan ID "EC - Employee Certificate" and uploading the following documentation as attachments:
    1. A completed, signed Supervisor Acknowledgement form - Employee NU Certificate,
    2. A copy of the grade report,
    3. An itemized tuition bill clearly showing the tuition cost and fees for that course and any grants and/or scholarships associated with that degree program or job-related course(s), and,
    4. Proof of payment.
  4. Employees must indicate on the Employee NU Certificate Tuition form the amount of financial assistance they receive from other sources. These are subtracted from your out-of-pocket tuition and fee expenses.
  5. The Employee NU Certificate Tuition form must be submitted through myHR no later than 90 days after course completion.
  6. The employee will be reimbursed via payroll.

Tuition Reimbursement Applications