Educational Assistance Plans

To qualify for tuition benefits, you must have full-time employment status as of the first day of the term for which the benefit is being requested. Even if eligibility is lost during a term, the tuition benefit is provided through the end of that term of study.

You must submit a completed online application for educational assistance or reduced tuition within the calendar year for which the benefit is being requested. Portable tuition online applications must be submitted within 1 year of the start date of the term.

Using the Online Application: please follow these directions to submit your tuition benefit online.

  1. Use a Firefox browser.
  2. Log in to myHR with your NetID, password, and Multifactor Authentication (MFA).
  3. Select the "Benefits" tile and choose "My Tuition Benefit Application."
  4. Select "Submit New Application".
  5. Select the "Tuition Benefit Year."
  6. Use the magnifying glass icon to select the "Plan ID" (your eligible tuition benefit options will appear).
  7. Follow the instructions to complete your application and upload required documentation.


Supervisor Acknowledgement Form - Employee Portable

Supervisor Acknowledgement Form - NU Certificate

Waiver of Service Period

For new hires as of 9/1/2014: You may qualify to waive part or all of the 5-year Northwestern service period for the dependent portable or dependent reduced tuition benefit. You must have worked in a full-time, benefits-eligible position at a FAFSA-qualified college or university offering a comparable tuition benefit immediately prior to joining Northwestern University as a faculty or staff member. Please complete the top portion of the waiver form and have your previous employer complete the bottom portion. Return the form to the Benefits Division (or attach online) for approval.

Music Academy Reduced Tuition for non-degree lessons taken by employees of Northwestern, their spouses and dependent children.

The following educational assistance and tuition plans are available to Northwestern employees:

  • Employee Reduced Tuition for courses taken by employees at Northwestern University, including the School of Professional Studies non-credit professional development certificate programs.
  • Employee Portable Tuition for University course taken by employees at schools other than Northwestern University.
  • Employee NU Certificate Tuition for non-School of Professional Studies, short duration certificate programs taken by employees at Northwestern University.
  • Dependent Reduced Tuition for courses taken by spouses and dependent children of employees at Northwestern University
  • Dependent Portable Tuition for University courses taken by employees’ dependent children at schools other than Northwestern University. 

These plans provide financial assistance to full-time employees and retirees who have higher education expenses for themselves, their spouses, and dependent children. The benefit amount is based on the employee's number of years of qualifying uninterrupted University service.

Educational Assistance Plans

Review the application process for additional information.