Transfer between Qatar and United States Campuses

Changing between a Qatar campus position and a United States campus position impacts your eligibility for your benefits. Benefit changes are effective the first day of the month following the transition; arrangements can be made to allow for the benefits transition up to 60 days prior to the move for existing Northwestern University employees.

Moving to Doha, Qatar:

  • If you transfer from a United States position to a Qatar campus position you must submit the Qatar Transfer Form PDF Document within 31 days of the change in employment status to elect the international benefits through Cigna International.
  • Faculty and Staff hired directly into a Qatar campus position will complete their benefit elections online through myHR within 31 days of their hire date.
  • Same-gender partners are not recognized as eligible dependents under the Cigna International benefits plan.

Returning from Doha, Qatar:

  • If you return to the United States after holding a Qatar campus position, you are no longer eligible for international benefits. You must complete a Benefits Change form PDF Document within 31 days of the change in employment status to update your enrollment.