To declare or terminate a partnership, you may need to do the following:

Change dependents covered by your health, dental and vision insurance:

  • To add your partner submit the Benefits Change Form PDF Document and civil union certificate to the Benefits Division. Benefits will be effective the date of the civil union.
  • To drop your partner from your insurance plans submit the Benefits Change Form and proof of dissolution of civil union to the Benefits Division. Benefits will be terminated the day of the dissolution. If your partner requires COBRA insurance coverage, notify the Benefits Division to obtain a formal offer letter within 31 days of the partnership termination.
  • You cannot change the health or dental plan in which you are enrolled.
  • Insurance premiums are not prorated . Regardless of the date your partner was added or dropped, you are financially responsible for the entire month of insurance premiums.
  • Premiums may be charged on an after-tax basis for your partner and his or her child(ren) depending on their IRS tax status.

Change your life insurance:

  • You may enroll in partner life insurance with coverage up to your total basic and supplemental life insurance, not to exceed $500,000, in $10,000 increments. Elect $30,000 on the Benefits Change Form PDF Document and complete the Evidence of Insurability Form PDF Document to apply for additional coverage.
  • Upon termination of your partnership, you must waive the life insurance policy using the Benefits Change Form PDF Document.
  • Allow the Benefits Division five business days to process your Benefits Change Form before changing your life insurance beneficiaries through myHR.