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FASIS - Year One
FASIS Manual-Major Revisions
Appointment/Appointment History and Salary/Salary History Subcommittees
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HRIS Data Mart Update
New Subcommittees
Town Hall Meetings-Slides Available
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Dear NU Faculty & Staff,

The FASIS project has just passed its first anniversary. In this Newsletter, we'd like to give you an update on where we are and where we are going.

Please visit the FASIS web site to keep up with this important initiative. There you can access the ever-growing FASIS Manual, sign up for the FASIS listserv, read all the previous Newsletters, and look at the slides from the Town Hall Meetings.
We'd like your feedback. Send us email: fasis@northwestern.edu or let us know that you want to join one of our focus groups (fasis@northwestern.edu).
 Summary of FASIS, Year One 

The FASIS project was initiated with a kickoff in September, 2009. The planning and analysis phase included the Project Design and a discovery process within the Schools to examine their local management information systems and to speak with the key stakeholders. A hard-working Functional and IT Task Force was formed, setting priorities for the first phase, contributing ideas, and vetting the work as it progressed.
The communications plan has included bimonthly Newsletters, a project web site, a complex committee structure (Steering, Task Force, Data Definition and Process Redesign, Team Project, and Town Hall), a listserv of 550 members, an e-mail presence, and the FASIS Manual.

To build a strong foundation for FASIS, initial work has been focused on Data Definitions and Process Redesign. These definitions include faculty appointment types, appointment-related definitions, transactions, and dates, and salary-related definitions. This work is vetted by the FASIS business analysts, the Task Force subcommittees, the Data Definition and Process Redesign Committee, and the Task Force. New processes include those associated with Primary Role, Primary Academic Appointments, Early Start, Emeritus, Home Department responsibilties, and the 90-day early NetID. Enhancements to HRIS include a new Appointment Indicator, Appointment/Appointment History pages (in process), Employee Date History (in process), Academic and IPEDS Rank (in process), Named Professorship and Awarded Appointments (in process), Tenure History (in process), and Additional and Special Pay (in process).

A new Quality Assurance team was formed to clean up and clarify data and, in particular, dates. It reviews and maintains a correction log and has instituted a QA checklist procedure and process.

The HRIS Data Mart is being built on the HRIS-FASIS data model. A source system extract strategy and security requirements have been defined.

Work is underway with NUIT to build the Portal for FASIS - the new, efficient, and appealing interface to this valuable tool. Early work has been done to differentiate roles for the Portal, and a demo of capabilties was given to ESEC.

A Research Networking Tool is being considered to collect, store, and analyze data concerning scholarly output, collaboration, and faculty networking. FASIS is working with NUCATS and Galter Health Sciences Library on this possible initiative. A demo and survey were presented to the Task Force and outreach to peer institutions regarding such an initiative is underway.

The Task Force has spawned two critical subcommittees - Salary/Salary History and Appointment/Appointment History.
These subcommittees have analyzed the needs in the schools and produced data and process/transaction definitions. New fields and new pages for the FASIS-HRIS system are in development as a result of this work.

Three new subcommittees are about to begin their tasks: Training, Reporting, and Student Data. Please see the descriptions of these subcommittees below, and let us know if you or one of your colleagues would like to participate.
 FASIS Manual-Major Revisions 
The FASIS Manual has recently undergone a major set of revisions and additions: the new definitions and transactions from the Appointment/Appointment History subcommittee have been added. Please see the section entitled Appointment Transactions.

The Faculty and Staff Information System (FASIS) Manual is a compilation of Data Definitions, Procedural Descriptions, System Enhancements, Policies, and Training Materials. The Manual is available in PDF format, and as such, is easily searchable and is printable in part or in full.

Each entry in the Manual is marked with both the "Effective Date" and the "Last Updated" date, as this is a work in progress with continuous revisions. There will be notifications and descriptions in the FASIS Newsletter when major changes have been made to the Manual.
The material in the Manual has been developed and vetted within the Data Definitions and Process Redesign Team and the Functional Academic/IT School Administrators Task Force.
If you have a mobile device with a browser, you can easily view the manual wherever you are. On the iPad, iPhone, or iTouch, you can use the links if you've installed GoodReader or a similar full-featured PDF reader. For complete directions about how to get the most out of the Manual, see http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/hris/fasis/fasis_manual_index.htm.
 Appointment/Appointment History and Salary/Salary History Subcommittees

Subcommittees of the Functional and Academic Task Force were formed to advise and assist with appointment/appointment history and salary/salary history functionality in FASIS. These committees include members from every NU school, the Office of the Provost, and HRIS.

Appointment/Appointment History:

The Appointment Subcommittee has finished gathering the business requirements and design mockups, and it has vetted this information with the FASIS
Functional/IT Task Force. The business requirements are in the development stage and are tentatively scheduled to go live a month or two after the HRIS 9.1 upgrade. The design mockups were shown at the September/October FASIS Town Hall meetings.

Salary/Salary History:

The Salary Subcommittee is nearing the end of identifying which salary fields
are needed for the Salary pages. The design of the Salary pages has been reviewed at a high level, and some highlights include a view of the appointment(s) and corresponding salary information with totals at the bottom in a grid-like page. Upon finalizing the desired salary fields, the design will be further vetted in the subcommittee meetings and then vetted at the FASIS Functional/IT Task Force.
 The Quality Assurance Team 

Towards our goal of quality assurance, Payroll, HRIS and the Office of the Provost continue to review data and processes involving faculty records in HRIS. Thanks to all who have contributed to the identification of these items. We encourage you to continue to communicate with our offices regarding such issues. Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding faculty appointments and processes.
For questions regarding the QA process for faculty appointments, please contact Laura Koepele-Tenges, Manager of Faculty Records and Business Operations in the Office of the Provost, at 1-7042 or lkt@northwestern.edu.

 HRIS Data Mart Update


We have spent the last several months identifying and documenting the location of all fields in HRIS that will be included in the HRIS data mart. This is a complex process that includes validating the data and defining the extraction logic for each field. Working closely with the BI team, our next big task is to develop the data mart, using a process called ETL, Extract-Transform-Load. This process will load data into the data mart with a regularly scheduled process. It will include HRIS data since January 1, 1997. As the BI team develops the ETL, we will be working on reporting specifications for the Office of the Provost and Institutional Reporting. 

 New Subcommittees for Training, Reporting, and Student Data 
Three new subcommittees have been formed from the FASIS Functional and IT Task Force: Training, Reporting, and Student Data.

The training subcommittee will address and develop a training plan for FASIS and FASIS related content. As part of this subcommittee we will look in detail at all aspects of training, from policy and procedures to new system features. We will discuss the best means of communicating to users and determine which training formats should be available. The subcommittee will consist of representatives from the Office of the Provost, HR (HRIS and Payroll), and representatives from several schools.

The reporting subcommittee will work on the various aspects of reporting as they pertain to FASIS and to the HRIS Data Mart. This subcommittee will consist of representatives of HRIS, the Office of the Provost, the Schools, and other administrative units who expect to use FASIS for both internal and external reporting.

The student data subcommittee will discuss the use of student data as it pertains to faculty appointments, attributing responsibility and credit to faculty, and tracking faculty-student relationships.  It will discuss who is involved and how these data are used. This may include a discussion of types of courses, types of students, and the structure of teaching responsibilities including: course planning, faculty teaching loads, teaching evaluations, undergraduate and graduate advising and oversight, and reporting. 
 Town Hall Meetings-Slides Available 
Town Hall Meetings were held on September 28 (Chicago Campus) and October 7 (Evanston Campus).
You can access the slides from these meetings at our web site.
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