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Faculty & Staff Information SystemNovember 2011
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Appointment and Salary History Pages
New Named Professorship Pages
Faculty Recruiting
Adjunct Procedural Change
FASIS Manual Updates
FASIS Data Mart Update
Career Path and Rank
Northwestern Scholars
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Fall quarter has been an active development period for the new Faculty and Staff Information System (FASIS).
The appointment and salary history pages will soon go live.
New named professorship and awarded appointment pages are being developed.
There is a new procedure for hiring and tracking adjunct faculty appointments.
We have an update for you on the FASIS data mart and eRecruit.


Northwestern Scholars is up and running, although under password. Please see an update below.
Visit the FASIS project web site to keep up with this important initiative. There you can access the ever-growing FASIS Manual, sign up for the FASIS listserv, read all the previous Newsletters, and see slides from the Town Hall Meetings (most recently October 18 and 19).
We'd like your feedback. Send us email: fasis@northwestern.edu or let us know that you want to join one of our focus groups (fasis@northwestern.edu).
Appointment and Salary History Pages


The appointment and salary history pages are scheduled to go live within the next month or two. These history pages complement the current appointment and salary pages that were rolled out to the FASIS administrators over the summer. The history pages take specific action/action reasons from Job data and combine them in an easy to read format.


The new history pages will be found in the 'Faculty and Staff Information' folder in the main menu of FASIS. All existing FASIS administrators will have access to these pages.


As part of the implementation of the history pages, our team is reviewing and validating all active faculty and staff appointment history profiles. Terminated employees will not be validated and will appear 'as is' on the history pages. We will be doing this validation process in phases, beginning with recent hires and working backward. Only those profiles that have been reviewed and validated will appear in the appointment history pages; thus these pages will be updated in sync with the validation process. Administrative users will be informed regarding the review/validation schedule.


There will be several opportunities for training on the new history pages. When a more definite go live date is scheduled, we will notify you of the training schedule via the FASIS listserv, the FASIS web pages, and the FASIS administrative sign-in page.

New Named Professorship Page  

The Office of the Provost is in the process of entering current named professorship and awarded appointment information into the new FASIS Professorship page. The last several months have been dedicated to researching professorship information in preparation for entering information into the central tool. Appropriate School users will have access to their School's named distinction information, which will include incumbent, appointment terms, chartstring, and establishment and nomination paragraphs from the Board minutes.


As current professorship information is completed for each School, the appropriate dean's office representative(s) will be contacted to review the information. Historical information will be added after the completion of current information for all Schools.


If you have questions regarding the named professorship pages, please contact Laura Koepele-Tenges (lkt@northwestern.edu or 1-7042). 

Faculty Recruiting 


The FASIS team is gathering and finalizing business requirements for the faculty recruiting project within FASIS. During Winter quarter we expect to develop and test the new faculty recruitment pages, pending the final sign-off by the Recruiting Subcommittee and Faculty Search Chairs. Following this we will do user acceptance testing within the Schools.

Adjunct Procedural Change 


We'd like to remind you that the new FASIS adjunct procedure includes a quick check of the Job Summary page to confirm that the intended adjunct faculty member does not have other active appointments. If there are no other active appointments in the system, you may proceed wtih creating the Position/Appointment form, assigning the appropriate percent full-time and forwarding it to the Payroll Office.


If the adjunct faculty member you wish to hire has other active appointments, the form should be sent to the Office of the Provost for review.


Please review the FASIS Manual for information regarding adjunct faculty as well as procedures to handle these appointments. If you have any questions on this or other faculty-related procedures, please contact Laura Koepele-Tenges in the Office of the Provost: lkt@northwestern.edu.

FASIS Manual Updates 

To help you keep track of FASIS developments and to assist you in your regular use of the entire Faculty and Staff Information System, including the accompanying procedures and transactions, the FASIS Manual is being continuously updated.
Each entry in the Manual is marked with the "Last Updated" date, as this is a working document with continuous revisions. A consolidated list of update dates is available for your convenience.

FASIS Data Mart Update


The Northwestern University Business Intelligence team has completed the development of FASIS data loads for the data mart. Data mart validation and report prototyping are scheduled to begin this month. Report testing is tentatively scheduled for the beginning of the next calendar year. 

Career Path and Rank 


Faculty members now have a rank designation associated with specific job titles in FASIS. In addition we have recently implemented new pages to capture a faculty member's career path. Career path and rank are based on the primary academic appointment.


The new pages will capture the date a faculty member entered a career path and will track the number of years a faculty member has held a specific academic rank within the career path.


The majority of faculty members have an academic rank, but they may not have a career path. The career path designation only applies to faculty members with paid or academic full-time primary academic appointments in the following position categories: regular, clinical, research, lecturer, contributed services, and librarian.


For further information see the Faculty Career Path chart in the FASIS Manual.

Northwestern Scholars 
Northwestern Scholars has profiled approximately 3000 faculty members with around 100,000 Scopus publications and hundreds of publications and other scholarly accomplishments entered from CVs, along with about 9,000 grants from InfoEd. Soon grants will also be included from Children's Memorial Hospital, the VA, and RIC. Demonstrations of Northwestern Scholars have been taking place across campus, and we expect that all faculty members included in this tool will be given access during December. The tool is expected to be open to everyone shortly thereafter.