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Northwestern Scholars
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Dear Faculty & Staff,


The appointment and salary history pages are being rolled out as they are vetted. Northwestern Scholars is open to the public after being slowly rolled out to all the included faculty. We have updates on the FASIS data mart, named professorship pages, tenure extension action/action reason codes, and eRecruit.
Visit the FASIS project portion of the new HR web site to keep up with all the recent developments. We'd like your feedback. Send us email: fasis@northwestern.edu.

Appointment History and Salary History Pages 


Two new pages, Appointment History and Salary History, located in the Faculty and Staff Information folder on the main menu, are now available to existing FASIS administrators. These new history pages complement the Appointment Overview and Current Salary pages that were rolled out last summer.  The history pages describe a faculty or staff member's appointment and salary history in an easy to read format, merging multiple job action/action reasons into one appointment or salary transaction.
As part of the implementation of the history pages, our team is reviewing and validating all active faculty and staff appointment history profiles. Terminated employees will not be validated and will appear "as is" on the history pages. We will be doing this validation in phases, beginning with recent hires and working backward.  Only those profiles which have been reviewed and validated will appear in the appointment history pages. Administrative users can view the status of this vetting process at http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/managers-administrators/fasis-administrator-tools/new-resources/fasis-history-pages.html.
Northwestern Scholars 


On February 1, 2012, Northwestern Scholars was rolled out to 3000 faculty members across campus. The response was quite positive, and the password was removed on March 6. A few sample comments to the FASIS help desk:
  • "We are eager to fully take advantage of NU Scholars in the service of our efforts to create this 'NU based early developmental science community.'"
  • "Northwestern Scholars fills a huge gap for our undergraduate population...I can meet with students and through Northwestern Scholars identify the core faculty they need to contact as well as sending them off with a big pile of articles printed from the site as well. There was no effective and efficient way to do this previously."
  • " I can already see that the Scholars tool is incrediby valuable. I have used it twice in the last 2 days to search for colleagues with specific expertise: once for an experiment that my lab would like to do, and once while advising a student... WOW!"
  • "Given I provided no direct input and you used secondary sources, this information was surprisingly acurate! Thanks!"

Links to Northwestern Scholars will start appearing on many NU web sites. We are busy working on the web services and VIVO data sharing portal. We are also working on the addition of patent data.


The Scopus publication data are updated each week. The appointment, grant, and core facilties data are updated each quarter. Individuals may update their user-input profile data at any time. If you have any questions, please let us know at fasis@northwestern.edu.

Named Professorship Pages


Information continues to be added and modified in the new Named Professorship page, in preparation for the roll out this Spring. In the next few weeks the Faculty Records Office will begin to forward specific lists to school users so that they may review and confirm information on their end; the pages will go live shortly thereafter. For more information, please contact facultyrecords@northwestern.edu

Faculty Recruiting 


In collaboration with the schools, the faculty recruiting redesign project is moving forward. New and improved faculty recruiting pages are currently being developed by the FASIS and ITMS teams. Examples of new functionality will include such processes as automating job postings to third party academic job boards, automating faculty candidate CV document collection, creating a central location for faculty candidate recommendation letters, and creating faculty candidate review pages for search committee members. Existing pages that will be modified to improve school needs include creating a position, job opening and eOffer page that will be incorporated into the redesigned faculty recruiting pages.


More information and demonstrations will be forthcoming later in 2012. Please contact Emily Rutkowski (e-rutkowski@northwestern.edu) with any questions regarding the future development and improvements to the faculty recruiting processes.

FASIS Manual Updates 

The FASIS Manual has a new home on the new HR web site: http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/about/announcements-initiatives/fasis/manual/index.html. The newest additions to the Manual are easily identified by looking at http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/about/announcements-initiatives/fasis/manual/fasis_manual_updates.xls. We've recently updated the following definitions: Benefit Program, Emeritus, Health System Clinician, Rehire/Reappointment (Faculty), FY Actuals + Encumbrances, FY Appointment Salary, NetID, and Appointment Start and End Dates.

FASIS Data Mart Update


The FASIS data mart has moved to a test environment. An inital verification of data in the FASIS data mart has been completed. The BI team, FASIS, Institutional Research, and HR staff will continue to validate information comparing existing reports with results from the data mart.  Development has started on the Employee Search and Faculty Transaction reports.  The Employee Search report has been shown to the FASIS team, the Office of the Provost staff, and the FASIS reporting sub-committee.  Final changes are being incorporated into the report with plans to complete development in April.

Faculty-Student Data


The expected course load pages and graduate program tables/pages are being developed by the ITMS staff based on the recommendations of the Faculty-Student Data subcommittee. The former will be used along with data from SES to track the expected and actual faculty teaching load. The latter will be used to identify the core and affiliate graduate program memberships for faculty across the University. We expect these pages to be available in late Spring or early Summer.

 Tenure Extension Action/Action Reason


In February the FASIS Functional Task Force reviewed a specific action/action reason code to be used for extending a faculty member's appointment when the tenure clock has been extended.  When a faculty member has been approved for a tenure clock extension, not only is a year added to his or her tenure clock, but the current appointment is also extended by a year.  Previously, there was no procedure surrounding this appointment extension.  With the help of the FASIS team, a new action/action reason code (DTA/RCE) has been created to extend the end of the current appointment so that it will reflect the added year of the clock.  To review this transaction procedure, please go to the FASIS Manual (http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/about/announcements-initiatives/fasis/manual/index.html) and look at the procedure: Appointment Extension due to Tenure Clock Extension.

Faculty Records Email


The Faculty Records Office within the Office of the Provost has expanded the use of the facultyrecords@northwestern.edu email to accommodate communication on a wider range of  faculty-related items.  School and Central users should continue to use the email to communicate QA questions and issues, as well as forward faculty leave requests, emeritus requests, tenure clock extension requests and named professorship requests.  The email is accessible by Office of the Provost staff Laura Koepele-Tenges and Gretchen Oehlschlager, as well as Associate Provost Jim Young.  We anticipate a more efficient and effective handling of requests and questions with the use of the collective email.